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    The folks at BD Diesel Performance invite you to come out for a weekend full of racing, Dyno testing, drifting and sled pulling. Enjoy this family affair with bouncy castles and a donation lunch where proceeds go to the BC Children's Hospital. We look forward to seeing you there!

    Friday Night Drags
    May 22nd 4:30pm - line up starts at 3:00
    Racers $35 / Crew $5 / Spectators $5
    Mission Raceway, Mission
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    Hello TDR friends in Texas, especially in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. When you look at corporate marketing events, you often have to wonder, "What were they thinking?" But I doubt any of us will question the compatibility of pickup trucks and country music. We tip our hats to the folks at Ram for this one! So if you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, this might be a fun VIP experience. Check it out. If you attend, write it up. We'd love to publish your experience on the website and in the magazine.

    Ram Truck Owners can be Part of History as the Brand Seeks the Guinness World Records™ Title for Largest Parade of Pickup Trucks

    • Space is limited for Saturday, April 18, ‘Ram Truck Round-up’ event in Arlington, Texas, held in conjunction with 50th Anniversary of the Academy of Country Music Awards where Ram is the ‘Official Truck'

    • Participants will receive tickets to Saturday’s ACM Party for a Cause Festival featuring top name country music performers and other activities

    • Ram truck owners can register at www.ramroundup.com

    March 18, 2015 , Auburn Hills, Mich. - Ram, the “Official Truck” of the Academy of Country Music Awards, is inviting its owners and their trucks to help the brand break a Guinness World Records™ title for the largest parade of pickup trucks. The event is being held to honor the 50th anniversary of the ACM Awards, which will be broadcast live for the first time ever from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, Sunday, April 19, at 8 p.m. Eastern time/8 p.m. Pacific time on CBS.

    Five-hundred truck slots are available for the “Ram Truck Round-up” parade taking place Saturday, April 18, at AT&T Stadium in Arlington. Ram truck owners can reserve their place in history by registering at www.ramroundup.com. Each participating Ram truck will receive up to two tickets for Saturday’s ACM Party for a Cause Festival featuring live performances by an outstanding lineup of top country music artists.

    A $50 deposit for each ACM Party for a Cause Festival ticket is required to hold a place in the parade, which will be refunded to participants in cash when they check in at the event.

    “Everything is always bigger in Texas and Ram, America’s fastest-growing truck brand, is making sure this year’s ACM Awards celebration in Arlington will prove this once again,” said Robert Hegbloom, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ram Truck Brand, FCA – North America. “The ‘Ram Truck Round-up’ is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our loyal truck owners to be a part of a special record-breaking rally and pickup parade in the largest truck market in the country.”

    Ram Truck Round-up Specifics
    The Ram Truck Round-up is open to Ram truck owners exclusively. Registered participants must arrive at AT&T Stadium between 7:30-10 a.m. Central time as gates will be closed after 10 a.m. All attendees, including drivers and one guest, must be at least 16 years old and the drivers must have a valid driver’s license or photo ID that matches the advance registration information. Additional information is available at www.ramroundup.com.

    Entertainment at the Ram Truck Round-up will include a special car-crushing appearance by the Raminator monster truck and a chance to meet nine-time Monster Truck Racing Association Driver of the Year Mark Hall. Participants also will receive VIP access to special offers from Ram partners and the first 100 Ram trucks to arrive will receive additional partner giveaways. Expected Ram partners include Bosch Power Tools, Mossy Oak, Tucker Hibbert, Ram Rodeo and Drury Outdoor.

    Light breakfast items will be available free for guests who arrive early. No outside food or alcohol is permitted.

    ACM Party for a Cause
    Ram Truck Round-up participants receive tickets for Saturday’s ACM Party for a Cause Festival. The two-day outdoor music event, taking place Friday, April 17, and Saturday, April 18, at Globe Life Park in Arlington, will include multiple stages for ongoing live country music performances, interactive experiences, a family-friendly country marketplace with vendors from around the country and much more. Country music icons, including many 2015 ACM Award nominees, are set to perform. The festival also will be taped for a two-hour special “ACM Presents: Superstar Duets!,” which will air on Friday, May 15, on CBS. Additional information on the event is available at ACMcountry.com.

    This is the sixth consecutive year that the Ram Truck brand has partnered with and been the "Official Truck" of the ACM Awards. Ram Trucks' involvement has evolved over the years. This year, Ram is the sponsor of the Ram Lone Star Stage at the ACM Party for a Cause Festival and is running a national radio promotion where winners receive trips to Dallas for the ultimate ACM weekend experience. In addition, Ram promotes the ACM Awards and ACM Party for a Cause Festival through social media, as well as television and digital advertising.
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    Hello Ram Faithful! I think you will find the following two summaries, which include links to the complete articles, to be of interest:

    As always, thank you for your continued support of the Turbo Diesel Register.
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    Is it cold where you live? Here is a press release from the folks at Ram. It discusses cold-weather testing. Unlike some press releases, this one has down-to-earth writing that gives you an excellent glimpse into some of the things Ram engineering is doing to ensure the truck works for you rather than you having to work fir the truck. You will also enjoy the link to a cold-weather testing video.

    Winter Testing Season at Ram Truck

    Piles of snow and below-zero temperatures in Houghton, Mich.; Bemidji, Minn. and other hostile winter areas are the cue for Ram Engineering to suit up and run severe cold weather and plow testing.

    Every year, the dedicated truck engineering teams take advantage of the naturally reoccurring elements to reproduce the harsh environments some customers and operators experience. Although the conditions are far from humanly comfortable, those folks running a “Cold Trip” could not ask for a finer setting.

    “Only a small percentage of Ram truck owners will subject their truck or van to the harshest winter conditions, but for those who do, our durability testing procedures instill confidence,” said Mike Cairns, Director of Ram Truck Engineering. “When it’s minus 20 outside and I walk up to my Ram Truck on a morning of a Michigan winter, I have a sense of self-reliance and assurance that my truck will start, warm up quickly and run well because I know that we have tested and verified our trucks to perform in these harsh environments. We want every Ram customer to feel that way. “

    The Cold Trip
    Ram Engineering conducts a multitude of lab tests at the company’s Technical Center in Michigan and full vehicle tests at the company’s two major proving grounds in Arizona and Michigan. The purpose of the Cold Trip is to run real world operational tests in extreme environments. The Cold Trip serves as the engineering team’s final validation, assuring all Ram trucks are fully capable and the components will withstand the harshest environments in the US and Canada. Being based in Michigan offers a naturally cold environment for testing but the northern region amplifies the experience. Houghton, Michigan is not only provides below zero temps, it also is home to a testing facility dedicated to the winter bloom. The team also travels to Bemidji, Minnesota to experience extreme cold where the trucks soak in the frigid below zero temps for extended periods of time.

    Slush test
    When deicer is spread on the road, in temperatures around 28 degrees F° slush can collect. Because slush is water during an in-between state of liquid and solid, it can shift either way but when the sun goes down and temperatures drop, solid has the advantage. Slush does not drip off the undercarriage. It hangs on, filling gaps and covering components. During a hard freeze, anything covered in slush becomes encased in ice. Fuel lines, diesel exhaust fluid tanks, engine oil pan, brakes, etc. Ram engineers run trucks through 12-inch-deep slush and immediately park the truck overnight in a refrigeration facility set at minus 20. The truck is then inspected top to bottom to assure components and systems are functioning properly. Ram trucks feature dedicated systems to protect areas of potential vulnerability. For example, the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank is allowed to freeze in such conditions. The tank and lines are made of materials to allow a hard freeze without breaking. An independent heating system keeps just enough DEF above freezing temperatures to allow start up while meeting tailpipe emissions. Another example is the location of vent lines. Water can freeze, clogging vent lines for the axles, transmission and transfer case. Windows must continue to roll up and down and more importantly windshield wipers and defrost mechanisms must function.

    Arctic blast
    Anyone who has walked across a windy parking lot in low temperature conditions knows the effects. Imagine that force at higher wind speeds, even lower temps while delivering a healthy dose of snow and ice. That’s exactly what Ram executes during the arctic blast test. Ram engineers create a convoy of trucks and drive in-line for hours on end, switching positions in the order. The leader pulls a “drag” or rake to kick up ice and snow. This test addresses performance of windshield wipers, lighting and defrost but moreover the systems related to the engine.

    Snow ingestion can be particularly bad in such conditions. Much like driving though a sandstorm, the snow does not dissipate in low temperatures, which can pack the truck’s air filter and air box, limiting the trucks “breathing” capabilities. If the intake system is compromised, it will dramatically reduce engine performance. It is important to place the engine’s air intake in a location that avoids an over exuberance of snow ingestion. Alternatively, areas such as Arizona in the summer can create a need for the air intake to be present at the front of the truck for maximum flow of cooler air. The Industry-exclusive Ram Active Air intake system addresses both scenarios. When the intake system senses extreme heat, it draws cooler air from the front of the vehicle – a function that also engages at high altitudes for superior throttle response in low-oxygen environments. When conditions are wet from snow, ice or water fording, the system pulls air from an under-hood inlet, clear from snow packing and water.

    Moving white stuff
    Each season, Ram engineers plow more than 10,000 tons of snow to validate every system and ensure reliable operation. Moving a large amount of snow is paramount to a plow operator, which is why XX percent of commercial and private plow trucks are ¾-ton or greater. Although the Ram’s 2500 and 3500 are very popular for such duties, Ram also sells a large number of Chassis Cab trucks for snow removal. Ram 2500 and 3500 are available with a Snow Chief Package, which includes:

    • Upgraded cooling system
    • Higher-amp alternator
    • Anti-spin differential
    • More robust front suspension
    • Plow lighting interface eliminates the need for a lighting harness and enables plow lights to override the headlights upon plow installation
    • Transfer case skid plates
    • Auxiliary switches to operate the plow
    • Clearance lamps
    • OWL 18" tires

    All Chassis Cab trucks come standard with heavy duty cooling, auxiliary switches, limited slip rear axle, clearance lamps and 3500 (optional on/off road 4X4 tires) and 4500/5500 (rear traction tires on 4X4).

    Ram Chassis Cab 3500 4x4 is available with a Snow Plow Prep Package, which includes:

    • Higher-amp alternator
    • Transfer case skid plate

    Ram Chassis Cab 4500 and 5500 4x4 and 4x2 are available with a Snow Plow Prep Package, which includes:

    • Higher-amp alternator
    • Transfer case skid plate
    • Heavy Duty front suspension group

    The front Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR) is the dictating specification for how much weight can be attached to the front of the truck. Front GAWR is the maximum allowable weight on the front two tires of the truck, including added equipment (winch, PTO, plow, rack, etc.). Plow operators balance plow size with truck weight, traction and power. Ram 4500 and 5500 Chassis Cabs rated for up to 7,000 pounds of front GAWR on 6.4-liter gas engine-equipped models and up to 7,250 pounds GAWR on 6.7-liter Cummins Turbo Diesel models, allowing for the largest plow in the segment.

    Before you can use a piece of equipment on your truck, it needs to be installed. Ram Truck has benefitted from a long-standing relationship with truck equipment manufacturers. Our pickups, vans and chassis cab trucks are known for upfitter friendliness.

    Not every plow is brand new and there are a variety of plows available. Ram engineering tests trucks with new and “experienced” plows — some with minor damage, V-plows and straight plows, to assure a range of use and equipment is covered.

    Operating at maximum front GAWR is a sure way to push the trucks. The largest possible plows are used, matched with each truck’s capability. Plow truck operators often take multiple passes in a small area, pushing forward and reversing out, only to make another push. The engineering team has logged a staggering amount of plow miles pushing snow and nearly an equal amount in reverse. That type of use can be punishing for a transmission and Ram has included the actions in the durability schedule.

    Additional weight (~500 pounds) is mounted over the rear axle, in the bed, to help maintain rear tire traction and counter the hanging weight of the plow on the front of the truck. This also presents an opportunity to test tires in low-traction environments. Heavy Duty trucks normally carry tire pressures upwards of 70 psi, which isn’t always helpful when trying to gain traction while pushing mounds of snow.

    Additional winter-friendly features available in Ram trucks:

    • SiriusXM Travel Link with weather forecasting, alerts and real-time weather maps
    • SiriusXM Traffic
    • WiFi Hotspot
    • 9 -1-1 Call
    • Real time gas and diesel pricing
    • Remote start key fob activates defrosters, heated seats and steering wheel
    • Uconnect Access remote start from any computer or smartphone
    • 115v center stack outlet allows you to charge and have access to battery-powered winter accessories – from flashlights to handwarmers
    • choice of beds/organizers: spray in bedliner (traction), Tonneau, Bed divider/extender, tiedowns, RamBox for storing winter gear and equipment
    • Power sliding rear window with defroster
    • Three different winter friendly floor mats
    • Cargo/bed camera with LED lights
    • Backup camera and parking sensors
    • Wheel to wheel side steps for easy entry and bed access
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    By now, your copy of Issue 87 (February/March/April, 2014) has been delivered, and you've given it a thorough reading. Right?

    TDR Member Ryan Taylor called us to talk about the "10 Back" Column. In my write-up I made the bold statement that the ten-year old Issue 47 was the "best ever," and that the membership may wish to re-read it. In Issue 47 we featured an interview with Mr. Cummins' son, Clessie Lyle Cummins, Jr. But I should have made access to Issue 47 easier. Sure, it can be found within the "Digital Magazines" section on the website (left navigation bar). Sure, you can click here and there blah, blah, blah. But we're not all computer geeks.

    So for ease of reference, let's make it really easy to find Issue 47, the Issue I touted as "Best Ever!" The article begins on page 68. I hope you enjoy.

    Not a TDR Member/Subscriber? Consider a subscription to the Turbo Diesel Register. Follow this link for more information. http://www.tdr-online.com
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    Hello TDR Members. The following is a press release from Ram about the new Laramie Limited package that will be available for Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500 trucks.

    Opinion? The truck's most outstanding feature is the new front grll. The bold look reminds me of the introduction of the Second Generation truck in 1994. In a word - polarizing. Either you like it, or you don't.

    So, let us hear what you think. Post your thumbs up or down. (Note: to post your comments, click on the title of this article. Then look to the top right of your screen for a link, "Comments." Click on that link. You can read others opinions, then post your own.)

    Robert Patton
    Editor, Turbo Diesel Register

    Efficiency, Capability, Class and Detail — Ram Truck Announces New Laramie Limited

    • Ram continues building momentum with new top-of-class Laramie Limited model
    • Prominent badge, Argento wood and premium leather are key ingredients of new Ram Laramie Limited design, treasured by high-end pickup buyers
    • Laramie Limited trim is part of Ram’s strategy to continue its aggressive pace in the truck market

    February 12, 2015, Chicago - Ram Truck brand is taking the 2015 Ram Laramie Limited – the benchmark in truck opulence – to an even higher level of sophistication and attention to detail.

    The upgraded interior and exterior trim aligns with a long list of best-in-class titles under the Ram moniker, including fuel economy, payload, torque and towing capacity.

    “Among Ram Truck’s greatest strengths is our ability to quickly react to customer demand,” said Bob Hegbloom, President and CEO, Ram Truck Brand — FCA US LLC. “The new Laramie Limited trim is a perfect example of how Ram directly responds to customer input with the highest level of luxury available in pickups. The Laramie Limited trim exceeds the high expectations of affluent truck buyers by combining capability with refinement.”

    Featuring premium materials, such as an all-black, full-leather seating, real wood interior components and unique badges, Ram Laramie Limited is a “black-tie” luxury alternative to the popular southwestern-themed Laramie Longhorn edition pickup.

    “Today’s high-end Ram pickups have more features than select luxury sedans,” added Hegbloom. “We will continue to strive for the highest levels of sophistication, while keeping the core needs of a truck owner top of mind.”

    The new Ram trim, available on the1500, 2500 and 3500 models, will make its debut at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show, which opens to the media on Feb. 12, 2015.

    The Laramie Limited’s all-new grille is the most prominent change of the exterior. As the leading point of the new Limited, its new billet port grille breaks from the long tradition of a crosshair styling with bold “RAM” lettering.

    Exterior features include a body-color front fascia with fog lamps and a matching, painted rear bumper. For added flash, an optional exterior package covers the front and rear bumpers in bright chrome. To address customer demand, select-colored Ram 2500 and 3500 trucks come standard with chrome.

    On each side of the grille, a quad headlamp design includes a bi-functional halogen projector system placed in a dark background. Fifteen amber LEDs illuminate park/turn/position lamps and three amber LEDs serve for the side markers. A vertically ribbed inner lens softens the glow and retains the improved visual component of the segment exclusive LEDs. The Ram design team carefully crafted the interior bezel and housing to create a visually entertaining, yet functional piece of hardware. Also, a Ram shield logo is molded into the housing, and the Ram name molded into the inside of the outer lens.

    The side profile of the Limited is dressed in chrome accents for body-side molding with etched “Limited” mirrors, door handles, window molding and standard wheel-to-wheel side steps.

    Ram 1500 Laramie Limited features an all-new 20-inch forged multi-surface aluminum wheel – unique in the truck market and a detail not to be missed. Polished surfaces are accented with painted silver. Heavy Duty models also feature a new multi-surface 20-inch fully-polished aluminum, six-spoke wheels. Wheel centers are embossed with the Ram brand name.

    Matching the new front grille theme, a new tailgate design is fixed with a 20-inch-wide, bright chrome “RAM” badge so onlookers can clearly identify the truck. A new chrome accent strip lines the base of the gate. Premium tail lamps are equipped with 15 red LEDs and three red LEDs for the side marker. A frosted inner lens creates visual entertainment and softens the glow.

    The Ram Laramie Limited is available in seven exterior color choices, including: Brilliant Black, Bright Silver Metallic, Pearl White, Red Pearl, Granite Crystal Metallic, Maximum Steel Metallic and True Blue Pearl.
    The 2015 Ram Laramie Limited is the apex of modern luxury. Subtle stitching accents, pin striping, unique materials and patterns are found throughout the interior. These are details created for the customer who appreciates them.

    The Limited starts with an all-black leather cockpit – the seats are covered in Black Natura Plus premium leather. Unique pinstripe stitching designs lend the Ram Laramie Limited an unmatched level of sophistication and style. Graystone leather piping rides the stitching peaks, creating a visible silhouette profile of the seats contrasting an all-black backdrop. Using an idea borrowed from the Longhorn trim, rear flap-closure seatback map pockets with modern, chrome Ram-lettered buckles also are unique to Laramie Limited.

    Passenger touch points are given a soft, comfortable feel. The Ram Laramie Limited’s newly designed, deep and double-stacked center console is topped with a forgiving, French-stitched full-leather lid and pronounced Limited badge, covering USB, Auxiliary and 12-volt service points. Just forward of the console lid, a new bin houses a cellular phone and tablet holder, which can be concealed with a new tambour wood sliding door. The real wood door is made from Black Argento, the chosen timber for the Limited interior. The collective Silver pinstripe theme runs through the wood and a satin chrome handle rolls the door with ease.

    Laramie Limited includes a leather-wrapped steering wheel from the 2 o’clock to 10 o’clock positions. The remaining portion of the steering wheel receives high-gloss Black Argento treatment with silver accent lines. A-pillar and B-pillar handles feature a leather wrap with rollover Graystone stitching. The column-mounted shifter on Ram 2500 and 3500 Heavy Duty models also receives leather treatments with accent stitching and satin chrome accents. Ram 1500 models feature a machine-spun aluminum shifter mounted on the instrument panel with knurled edges to assure finger and glove traction.

    Placed into a black mask background, Ram Laramie Limited’s Liquid Graphite-faced gauges are surrounded with diamond knurled, Liquid Chrome rings, a design cue inspired by modish watches. Gauge needles are finished in white with Liquid Graphite painted hubs. Limited’s cluster also has a unique modern font, with clean white accent lighting to further differentiate the trim. The instrument panel is topped with Graystone accent stitching and fitted with a Liquid Graphite glove box spear, pinstripe design and understated “Limited” badge.

    The 2015 Laramie Limited features the next generation 8.4-inch Uconnect system with standard navigation. Digital background screens are tailor-made to the high-class trim, another detail valued by premium truck customers. The center stack is finished off with K-black Dark Metallic paint, Argento inlays and surrounded by large Liquid Graphite bezels.

    Front and rear door trim are layered in premium leather. Armrest uppers are accented with matched French stitching and pinstripe stitching designs. The top of the door panel is covered in ultra-soft Natura Plus leather, uncommon in trucks. High-gloss Argento wood spears with silver accent lines lay above the armrest upper and satin chrome trim rings and badges provide subtle flair.

    Ram Laramie Limited editions receive remote LED lighting at the inside door handles, and a full-length light that illuminates the truck’s multifunction lower map pockets, front and rear. Beneath the dash is soft footwell lighting, providing both functional and aesthetic properties.
    New for Ram Truck, and debuting on the 2015 Laramie Limited model, is an all-black headliner and pillars combination. This change allowed designers to control where contrasts exist best for visual appeal.

    Finally, passengers will enjoy solid Black premium Berber carpet floor mats, which are removable by using Liquid Graphite snaps, leaving a rubber, slush and mud-capturing mat with Limited badge. The carpet continues the silver-lined theme, which matches the steering wheel, center stack, console tambour door and door spears. For entry and exit, brushed-silver Ram-branded door-sill plates resist scuffs and add visual appeal and close out the most luxurious interior available in a pickup — the 2015 Ram Laramie Limited.

    Other Features
    Ram Laramie Limited also is equipped with air suspension (1500 only), wheel-to-wheel side steps, navigational radio, remote start, backup camera, power adjustable pedals with memory, heated steering wheel, front ventilated and heated seats, heated rear seats and RamBox (Heavy Duty, 6-foot, 4-inch bed only).

    The Laramie Limited trim will be available in Ram 1500, Ram 2500 and Ram 3500 single- and dual-rear-wheel; Crew Cab and Mega Cab (Heavy Duty); four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive; and short- and long-wheelbase models.
    The Ram 1500 Laramie Limited luxury trim will be available in the second quarter of 2015 as a 2015 model. The Ram Laramie Limited 2500 and 3500 will be available in the third quarter as a 2016 model.

    About Ram Truck Brand
    Since its launch as a stand-alone division in 2009, the Ram Truck Brand has steadily emerged as an industry leader with one goal: to build the best pickup trucks and commercial vehicles in the industry.

    Creating a distinct identity for Ram Trucks has allowed the brand to concentrate on core customers and features they find valuable. Whether focusing on a family that uses a Ram 1500 day in and day out, a hard-working Ram 3500 Heavy Duty owner or a business that depends on its Ram ProMaster commercial van every day for deliveries, Ram has the truck market covered.

    In order to be the best, it takes a commitment to innovation, capability, efficiency and durability. Ram Truck invests substantially in its products, infusing them with great looks, refined interiors, durable engines and exclusive features that further enhance their capabilities.

    Moving into the 2015 model year, Ram continues to beat the competition in the two most sought-after titles, fuel economy and towing capacity:

    • Best-in-class fuel economy with exclusive EcoDiesel – 29 mpg with Ram 1500
    • Best-in-class towing capability – 30,000 pounds with Ram 3500
    • Best-in-class payload – 7,390 pounds with Ram 3500
    • Best-in-class torque – 865 lb.-ft. with Ram 3500 equipped with Cummins

    Truck customers, from half-ton to commercial, have a demanding range of needs and require their vehicles to provide high levels of capability. Ram trucks are designed to deliver a total package.

    This is a link to the introduction at the Chicago Auto Show today: http://new.livestream.com/FCALive/Ra...ideos/76915319

    Follow Ram and FCA US news and video on:
    FCA Content On Demand (COD): www.fcacod.com
    Company blog: http://blog.fcanorthamerica.com
    Company website: www.fcanorthamerica.com
    Media website: http://media.fcanorthamerica.com
    FCA360: www.fca360.com
    Ram Trucks brand: www.ramtrucks.com
    Ram Zone blog: www.ramzone.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/RamTrucks or www.facebook.com/ChryslerGroup
    Flickr: www.flickr.com/RamTrucks or www.flickr.com/ChryslerGroup
    Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/ramtrucks or www.pinterest.com/FCAcorporate
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    Twitter: www.twitter.com/RamTrucks or www.twitter.com/FCAcorporate
    YouTube: www.youtube.com/RamTrucks or www.youtube.com/pentastarvideo

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