Took my truck to the dealer today because I have two cab clearance lights with water in them. Not cool! Since I am running non-stock tires that are a different size and load rating than stock and run a different air pressures, I have been getting TPMS warnings since the day I changed the tires. Real PITA to see that come up in the EVIC every time I start the truck along with the yellow dash light! So I asked if it was possible for them to reset the light and heavy load pressure values for the rear tires. They did it, no charge. No more TPMS warnings! For the Goodyear Silent Armor 285's I am running I had them set the heavy load pressure to 65 psi and the light load pressure to 50 psi. I confirmed this with the folks at my tire shop. They did say that I could go as low as 45 psi as they know of people running them that low with no issue, but they said 50 psi would be more preferred. I left the default front pressure of 60 psi alone. So I am now running 60 psi in the front and 65 psi in the rear. As for the cab clearance lamps, they ordered a whole new set (all 5) and will call me when the come in. They performed did two TSB's while they were at it:

TSB 18-018-13 PCM Reflash

TSB 18-032-13 DCU Reflash

The way the mechanic described them to me was that they were to fix erroneous readings in the PCM and the DCU. One of them, I forget which one exactly, he said came out just this month. If anyone has any more info on these TSB's, please post. Thanks!