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Thread: NV4500 Fully Splined Mainshaft or Not?

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    NV4500 Ok....I did it!!!!!

    I'm getting ready to purchase my replacment for my Gutbag. It's a 4x4 3/4 ton. I dont tow with it much and when I do it's under 6k. I do run frequently w/ 2 snowmobiles in the back. That's only about 1. 5k to 1. 7k.

    My only question is should I get the Fully splined mainshaft or not? I heard the 5th gear is pressed on alot harder now and unless your towing alot/heavy loads you shouldnt need it. It's only a price diff of about 500 bucks.

    My plan is to put this tranny in my wife's truck when I convert mine to a 6 speed.

    Thanks guys!
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    Lightbulb yes to fully splined

    That's a very good idea if you have the extra 500 bucks to spare. If you do this, i understand that it will be the last time you will be in there. My 99 was in real good shape, so I tossed the split nut and ordered a early full nut and red locktited and staked it 6 times around the shaft. Some say that it will eventually work loose, but I think that depends on how much you tow in 5th. 500 bucks is alot of money, but is also peace of mind. The 6 speeds have problems too, however they are a huge gearbox and just have to be better. Just my 2 cents. Tim
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    Ok I did it. . . . . . .

    All done now but the crying. . . I Hope I'm as happy with it as I have been with the truck. Tis alot of $$ to spend but I couldnt find anybody who would rebuild the getrag for a decent price but a friend and he cant get to it for another 2-3 months.

    I missed my truck as the wifes is no fun to drive. . . . . stock sucks!!

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    Where did you buy your trans? Did you get a kit or did you put something together yourself. Mine is making a little noise, and when it is time to pull it, I want to put in a 4500. Let me know how it goes when you get it installed.
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    2 biggest reasons for not rebuilding my Getrag were. . .

    My wife's truck started poppin outa 3rd gear and the cost. I needed my truck so I could rebuild her truck.

    I orderd the kit from quad4x4 and a new 350 hp South Bend clutch. I should be getting the video in a day or 2. I'll let you know how it goes from there.

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    When I get one, it'll have the fully splined shaft and a 1 3/8 input shaft. . .

    My theory is: do it right the first time so you don't have to do it again.

    I say that becuase once I start taking things apart more than once, I start breaking things!

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