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Thread: Cummins Stroker 6.7L Kit?

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    Cummins Stroker 6.7L Kit?

    Although the information is hard to find, there is a Cummins 6. 7L B Series engine available for the Ag market. It appears from the bore & stroke callouts that only the stroke is increased. I wonder if you could purchase the crankshaft and connecting rods from Cummins (provided we had the part numbers) and bolt it up? It may require modifications to the engine/oil pan, but wow, how unique would that be? Cummins 6. 7L Diesel!!

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    HMMM! A stroker kit for our strokers! 6. 7L ciphers to ~ 407 C. I. and ~ . 640 longer stroke. I wonder if the piston bowl would work with the 5. 9 head chamber CC - ie. comp ratio. Craig

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    You'd have to cut back the rpm a little but I like it. Personally I doubt it's in the same block though. With that much throw in the crank you'll be mighty close to smacking the bottoms of the cylinders with the sides of the rods.


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    There is a 6. 7L that will be available next year for the ag market. It is a tier III engine. Yes the block is different than the current ISB with the HPCR engine but the head is the same. This engine has been in Europe for the past 2 years. Buy a new block, crank, connecting rods and you'll be in business-don't hope to get these parts until middle of summer next year on '05
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    I was at a farm show this past weekend and there was an Agco tractor that had the 6. 7 in it. It wasn't intercooled and it wasn't a common rail, the pump actually looked very similiar to the one on my 91. The blocked looked different too.
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