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Thread: Bleeding VP44 and Bleeding wallet

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    Bleeding VP44 and Bleeding wallet

    98. 5 96,500 miles, no HP upgrades, 1st LP and 1st VP44

    I have a question about bleeding my VP44. You may remember that my engine died and would not start a week and a half ago. I got it onto a trailer and got it home to my garage. The kind people here on TDR think it is my VP44 pump. Thank you for the help. Before I change it I wanted to check every thing out in the fuel system that was cheaper to replace. Found the LP was bad.

    I am now to the point where I have a good supply of fuel coming out of the fuel filter. Pressure is 8psi cranking (it will not start) and the volume is a little more than a quart and Ĺ in one 25 second bump the starter cycle. Also my fuel does not have air bubbles in it.

    When I open the injectors at #3, 4 and 5 as the shop manual says I get a tiny little bit of bubble and then a tiny bit of fuel out of 3 and 4 nothing out of #5. I opened all 3 at the same time and I also tried one at a time. I donít think I am getting fuel out of them or at least enough fuel. It is not squirting out like the picture in the shop manual. How much should it squirt?

    Is this the only test I can do to tell if it is indeed the VP44? I do not have a code reader and canít take the truck to someone to read it. I was going to buy software for my laptop to read them but my laptop took a dump the day I got the truck back home. (Some days are not even worth chewing through your restraints. )

    Any help will be appreciated.

    98.5 24V 2500 with a unility body,Horton fan, gages, 5spd, Pac Brake. Posi, SLT package less leather

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    Have you checked for any flow out of the return side of vp sounds like you still have airin pump. you might give the folks at idaho diesel tech a call for additional assistance.

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    What you discribe is EXACTLY how my 01. 5 acted when the VP-44 died.

    I don't know about your truck, but on my 01. 5 I can cycle the key 3 times and it flashes the error codes without anykind of reader. I had all the expensive ones!


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    I second the previuos post. My vp went out last fall and I had the same type of problems. When the pump is working, there will be diesel spray all over. the bubbles and dribble is a sick injector pump. I got a great deal from the bosch distributer, 30% less than DC.

    Good luck!


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    Thank you, I have been checking with Idaho Diesel, great guys and great shop. I will check for return from the overflow valve this am. Most likely I will be installing a new (rebuilt) VP44 this PM. But will keep fingers crossed on overflow valve.

    I will let you guys know.


    98.5 24V 2500 with a unility body,Horton fan, gages, 5spd, Pac Brake. Posi, SLT package less leather

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    Did the od show any codes???? If you did happen to run it out of fuel. . it may take some time to get all the air out of the injector lines. You could crack one of the injector lines open to see what kind of fuel you are getting. Be careful there is a lot of pressure coming thru the lines.

    It may take a few cranks and letting the lp push fuel to all the injectors before all the air gets out of the lines. . .


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    At 98,500 miles you should get it repl;aced under warranty
    Dennis McCormick

    2001.5 Sport SLT+ 2500HD QC Long Bed 2WD, ETH/DEE, 3.54 LSD, White. Di Pricol Boost and EGT gauges, 163'miles, Smarty equipped!! Added FASS DDR2.
    2004 PT Cruiser, H.O. Turbo here,too!
    39,000 miles

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    My truck did the same thing at about 75,000 miles. I stopped for fuel and it refused to restart,had it towed home and changed L. P. It still would not start, after a couple days tinking and bleeding, the truck finally refired. It ran a little rough for a couple days and then cleared up. That was 50,000 miles ago, i never did figure out what happened. I think the computer just lost its mind. ( i did not have a fuel gauge at that time)
    2011 2500 Crew Cab Big Horn 4x4 ( stock for now)
    .Also 1970 GTX,440 4-speed,Deep burnt orange, white interior.
    1957 Pro-street dodge truck with a 512 stroker.

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    Warranty only is good for 100k or 5 years.

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    Bought the truck 6 1/2 years ago. Out of warranty by a year and a half (whine).

    I took the VP44 pump off today. I found the brackett that attaches to the block and bolts to the rear brackett of the VP44 is broken at the weld. Looked like a 20 dollar chunk of steel to me so I went to the dealer. I found that it is 20 something dollars but wait it has been replaced with a new brackett which cost 26 and requires two 14 dollar screws. (Sounded like a $54 dollar screw to me ). My pal down the street (Chevy gas owner) is a really good welder. For 20 bucks I didn't want to ask him to strike an arc but for 54 I will. I have been taking abuse from him all week about my Dodge noise machine breaking and his Chevy running so I know he will be thrilled to help me fix it.

    Have any of you broken that brackett?

    98.5 24V 2500 with a unility body,Horton fan, gages, 5spd, Pac Brake. Posi, SLT package less leather

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