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Thread: Should i cover up my radiator?

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    Should i cover up my radiator?

    It is going to drop down 15 below zero on Christmas out here in Ohio. Luckily I keep the truck in a garage.


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    I assume you're referring to covering it when its being driven to keep the heat up

    The slickest, cheapest radiator cover I'm aware of (and have used every winter since I've owned the truck), is a piece of cardboard cut to fit between the intercooler and the radiator. It drops in from above. Cut about an 8" or 9" hole slightly off center in the middle so the fan clutch gets air. This allows cool air to pass through the intercooler but blocks much of the radiator. It lets the engine get warmer faster and helps keep it at proper temperature. Just be aware if the temps get in the 40s or 50s and you get flyin' down the freeway, up a long hill, or tow something, you may have to pull it out.


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    Actually it is a good idea to cover the intercooler also otherwise the intake temps can get too cool. I wouldn't recommend a piece of cardboard directly in front of the IC but a set of grill covers will work nicely.

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    Guys, see my Winter guards in the member basement Classified area. Make sets for the 2nd and 3rd gen Reg and Sport.

    Lets air in up to 60 deg but warms up faster so there is no overheat.
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    It was -22 yesterday morning here in Northern Montana and I finally put my cover guard on my grille. My truck is also garaged and plugged into a timer so it will be warm when I go out. I bought a stainless steel 4 piece cover that fits nice and looks good.

    Today it is 35 as I type this?? Oh well. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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    Cover it up, but not completly, need to leave a little air to the charge air cooler.

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    The grill is blocked off and I put a peice of cardboard between the IC and radiator. Works good. I remove the cardboard when I tow. Works good, just watch the temp gauge.

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    I run with the grill blocked and remove the fan. I guess it just depends on how cold it get where you are located.

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    I run the lund grill covers myself and have been really happy with them. The 2 ports in the bumper make the biggest difference. I usually run the bumper covers and two of the grill covers. just my $. 02

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    i got eric bu's winterfronts on my rig. i had a set of his fronts on my last 4 rigs btw. look great and work great. helps warm up and lets enuff air in for the innercoolr

    definately good idea to have something when its cold
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