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Thread: Peterbilt RV toters

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    Peterbilt RV toters

    I noticed the other day on my way thru Wichita the local Peterbilt dealer had a couple RV toters on their lot, so I found out alil more info on them. They get the trucks converted to 4 doors and then build the beds themselves. Their based on the 330, 385, and 387 models. And you can get b/w 300 and 600 hp with a couple different tranny choices. I sure like the power choices better in these then the new Int'l. and Chebby oversized pickups.

    Their a bit pricey, the 2 used 99s on the lot they wanted 95-100,000 for them. I don't know what the wanted for the 3 new ones they had.

    Doonan Peterbilt . Look under the Custom and Farm truck section also.

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    that is a bit much.

    my dad and I have a horse trailer dealership in NC and we have a used 2000 Peterbuit with a western hauler conversion for $70,000. 00.

    It is a crew cab with a 330 cummins and an Allison 6 speed auto and 58,000 on the clock. we pull our big living quarters trailers with it and it does great.

    If you are interested you can go to or email at attn: Ricky
    1998.5 Quad Cab Dually, Edge Comp, 275 Injectors, K and N Intake, BD Intercooler Boots, BD Pusher Pump
    7 Inch Stack, Pyro, Boost, Trans, Fuel Pressure Gauges,

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    Thanks but I'm not really interested in getting a truck like that anytime soon (have no use for it). Just thought they were cool and better than the latest Int'l. and Chebby oversized pickups.


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