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Thread: Coined Dually wheels?

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    Question Coined Dually wheels?

    I just picked up a set of 93 1 ton wheels with snow tires (for winter use only) but there coined and set up for accorn lug nuts.

    Can I still use them on my 98. 5 4x4 3500 which currently uses the flat flange wheels with the nut and washer style lug nut. Can I use a thin spacer and countersink the holes so the coined wheels from the first Gen. will still center it self on my current hubs?

    I want to have two sets of Wheels/Tires


    98. 5 Ram 3500 4x4 sport,Auto trans,3. 54's autometer,sport comp pyro,trans,boost,electric fuel press. w/snubber,warning light/chime. edge comp drag box,2nd VP-44 inj. pump,dual fltr. amsoil. allum trans pan, Bilstien shocks,westin bars,push bar,custom 5" exhaust, BHAF, silencer ring fell out

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    I think if they fit snug on the pilot like the 98 rims then you can dril away the coins or grind or get nuts from yhe parts store but if you don't have a place for the inner rim coins to set into the hub you will have to get rid of them coins.

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    I have done some mix and match as to wheels with complete success, but I would suggest that you be very careful with installation. I am running some later model wheels on the front of my 93 but I had to ream them larger and I did a countersink on two opposing lug holes and use a tapered nut to align the wheels, then installed the rest of the lugs. If you align the wheels then tighten them to spec for your later model truck, you will be ok. Look when you have installed the duals and be certain that the wheels are not mounted with the coined area standing them apart.

    The problem you face is that the coined holes must be flatted so that the wheel will fit up to your hub. You will only have to do this to the inside dual and the fronts. You can then get two lug nuts that will center the wheel and install the rest securely.

    Generally, what you want to do can be done but can cause problems and ruin a hub if not done right. Eliminating problems with the coined wheel is the reason all the manufactures have droped that style.


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    Do you think the counter sunk spacer idea would work? I thought about grinding the coining off the back side of the wheel,and letting the wheel center itself on the hub but there would still be play around the wheel studs.

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    play around the wheel studs.

    OK, don't take this as the WORD, but you can use a spacer IF the spacer fits the lugs snuggly so that it isn't cause for lost motion AND if you use two lug nuts (opposite each other at each wheel) with tapered base to locate the coined wheel on your lugs. AND if the spacer has complete clearance for the coined hole. The wheel must be gripped in the flat of the center and not at the coining.

    The fact that your studs are smaller will not be a problem since you have the washer made on the nut like the Ford setup. Ford introduced these nuts by the way. The taper base of the two lug nuts will center the wheel/s. THE PROBLEM WITH THE COINED WHEEL IS THAT WHEN PAIRED FOR DUALS, THE INNIE MUST MATCH THE OUTTIE ON THE COINING. IF THE PIN IS MISSING, THEY CAN BE INSTALLED WITH THE OUTIES AGAINST EACH OTHER AND THAT WILL GUARANTEE A RUINED WHEEL SET, RUINED LUGS AND PERHAPS A WRECK.

    On the first gens, the hubs have a recess around each lug for the coined hole. There is a pin to locate the wheel but sometimes the pin is missing and the wheel can be installed in any position. They do not come with a tapered base nut and you have to get one from the supply house to install the wheels properly without ecentricity at the lugs. It is all really quite simple if understood but equally problematic if misunderstood and there are tire shops that don't know squat about the coined wheel. Be sure you do.


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    Thanks James ,Thats great advise,I will probably be the only one removing or installing the wheels.

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    Hi, The ONLY way they will properly go on your truck is if you machine your hubs for the coined surfaces of the wheels to fit down into! Do not grind hammer or mismatch those wheels. You can use standard lug nuts with them but they will not hold as well as the washer type that were used on the later trucks. We had a lot of trouble with the coined wheels centering on the hub. The only way they will center is if you mount them with 4 standard lug nuts first then put 4 washer nuts on next. Then remove the 4 standard nuts and install the washer nuts. If you intend to use standard lug nuts all the time be sure that they are at least a one inch hex and that the taper is 45 degrees. Most lug nuts today are 60 degrees. 45's are hard to find. You can take 60 deg. nuts and cut them in the lathe to 45 deg by using the compound.

    All in all I think it is a bad idea to put those wheels on a 94 up truck! there are plenty of flat face dodge wheels out there in both new and used.

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    Thanks for that last reply,I just put those wheels on the clasifieds,there might be some 1st gener's out there that need them.

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