Just to let those of you with new rides or all of us enjoying this recent 'cooler' winter know . . . don't be alarmed with fluid leaks in extreme cold temps.

I used to chase every fluid drip the first few winters. Now I just right if off as normal because every spring all the leaks stop. I still have a Transfer case seal from 2 winters ago that never was installed because leak quit. Never had a winter last year and it never leaked. It is starting to drip now.

It seems temps below -10 really bring out the worste. Small amounts of coolant, oil get pushed but seals especially at startup. Not the seals fault in most cases. I run all synthetics and they get thick too in the teens and twentys below zero.

A small oil or coolant leak looks like a big deal. Watch the fuild level and most likely it will not evey require topping off.

Those of you that never get to exprience temps below zero are really missing out.