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Thread: Does J-B Weld ever go bad...?

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    Does J-B Weld ever go bad...?

    J-B Weld . . . the "duct tape" of epoxy mixes. . . . does it go bad once it is opened? I know that it can dry out if the tube not sealed properly. But will it go bad over time? Does temperature (i. e. freezing) affect its bonding properties?

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    I would imagine that if it's not stored above 55F it would go bad over time. Just my hunch.
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    I'd be careful with any 2 part glues , especially on critical path items.
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    I have been using 2 part epoxy for so many years can't remember how long. I am totally sold on it. I don't use the quick stuff for much of anything. I did use it once to repair a broken horse hoof that had a large chip. I reset the shoe and filled it in with the fast quick stuff. Worked great and kept junk from getting in. I do keep mine from freezing however. dm
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    Yes, J-B WELD does go bad. Here in the desert SW anything with a solvent or resin in it is short-lived, usually 1 year or less. This is true even if it is kept in a refrigerator, but the cool does extend the shelf life quite a bit. The humidity may get as low as 5%. Fiberglass resin will turn sort of purple. At this stage it won't cure properly so you may as well throw it in the trash. All of the above mentioned problems are with new, never-opened containers. We always buy everything of this nature in small containers to save $$$.

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    Does J-B ever go bad. . . ?

    Geez didn't you see the Fox news special? When JB Weld Attacks!

    It does have a "Shelf" Or UOFS (Un Opened Factory Sealed) life. and once opened take it down two thirds. Resins, two part epoxy, and some solvent actuated adheesives loose their "Kick" time when vapor can escape. Ever notice how the grey side of the JB gets chalky? The suspended stuff within has lost it's protection and has in a sense hardened a bit so the actuator (Coppery Brown stuff) cannot make a bond with the grey.

    My A&P instructor had gone into bonding agents for two days sraight once.

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