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Thread: The Persistent Elites

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    The Persistent Elites

    Excerpts from: Communism's Persistent Pull | The Beacon


    Other interpretations of the intellectuals' penchant for communism certainly have been advanced.

    For example, Ludwig von Mises argues in The Anti-Capitalist Mentality that the intellectuals suffer from frustration, envy, and resentment and blame their relatively poor position in the economy and society on “the rich,” especially the capitalists who have gained the greatest wealth by serving consumers most successfully in the markets. The obverse of the intellectuals' hatred of the free-market system is their yearning for communism or some other system similarly hostile to private property rights.

    In an essay titled “Why Do Intellectuals Oppose Capitalism?,”Robert Nozick argues similarly that the intellectuals are people who were good at school work but are not good at practical affairs and therefore fail to gain the great wealth and social position achieved by business people and investors who, however unremarkable they might have been as schoolchildren, have what it takes to succeed in the marketplace. The intellectuals, convinced that the smart people (that is, those who were good at school) should run the world and rise to the top of society, harbor intense resentment toward the people who navigate the market most successfully and hence toward the socioeconomic order that accommodates this success.


    The article itself is pretty good. This is a take that I haven't read before. Kind of like the lil' kiddies who were bullied and now they think they have to get back at everyone who was better than them in everything but spelling.
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    There is absolute truth in the words of both the authors quoted above. I know that from personal experience with a lib academic elitist.

    When I was in college, in my late '40s, I had a freshman level English class with an adjunct professor of English. He was a nice guy on the surface, interesting, and sometimes fun to be with.

    He had come from an upper middle class family and had earned a Ph. D. in English but could never achieve a tenured faculty position in a university. Basically, his academic peers saw him as third rate. He was bitter, envious, resentful of all who were more successful including me, one of his freshman students who also happened to be a recently retired navy master chief with a generous pension. At the time I had a new BMW, he drove a Nissan Sentra.

    He was a typical lib and proud of it. We were of similar age, he was three years older, and became casual friends and had lunch together often and several times we and our wives had dinner together in Dallas so I knew him fairly well.

    He told me once how he resented the class structure of upper and lower class in America because it was based on business or financial success and wealth. He was bitter that upper class privilege and respect in America was awarded to those who achieved it by being successful. He explained that he felt very strongly that "upper class" status should be given to those with the greatest education and academic success, not those who achieved the greatest wealth. I thought that was a rather amazing perspective and rejected it totally.

    On the surface, his position sounded reasonable because there are a few very crude and ignorant people who become very wealthy in America. But the fact is, if someone got rich even though he was crude and ignorant it was usually because he worked harder and smarter than his peers, had provided a product or service that many of his fellow Americans valued enough to pay for.

    He was a typical lib. He read the "New Yorker" magazine and knew a lot about literature, the parts of speech, and sentence construction. However, he couldn't do anything that his fellow Americans valued enough to pay him well. He was even a lousy teacher, perhaps the worst I encountered in my college experience. When I completed his class, with an A, I filled out the faculty evaluation form evaluating his performance and gave him all Fs.

    Libs are always endowed with an elitist attitude, and are always envious and resentful of those who are successful.

    Slick and haggerly clinton, the nobamas, biden, jimmy carter, every one of the political hack dumocrap libs we all know and despise, are reasonably inteligent, some of them are highly intelligent, but none of them could successfully operate a neighborhood hardward store.
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