Hi All, Was wondering if any one else has had this issue. I just picked up a 2012 Ram reg cab with the G56 6 speed 4x4. Three times now right after you start the truck when it's warm and try to drive off the engine break will come on and the truck will not accelerate. if you back off the throttle the e break will turn off and the truck will coast normaly for a few sec then the e break will turnon as it should. hit the throttle again it will start turn off the e break for a few sec then re actavate it again as your trying to accelerate again. It will do this for two or three time then all will return to normal. It's done this 3 times so far. It's as if the computer forgets where the turbo sliding valve is. No codes, no check engine lights just the sound of the e break coming on. Truck has 4500 miles on it. Thanks for your input.