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Thread: Roll-N-Lock Covers-Anyone?

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    Post Roll-N-Lock Covers-Anyone?

    Has anyone installed the Roll-N-Lock cover on their Dodge 2500/3500s? I am interested in their results and the performance of the product. Please reply if you have one.

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    I have one on my Y2K 3500. Works as advertised


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    Just installed mine two weeks ago; heres my observations. The aluminum clamps must be cut or ground to fit the curved bedrails on dodge rams, easily done if you know what to do; plus the main housing that hols the roll in place is too narrow, it should be 3/8 inch wider total since the bracket is just even with the INSIDE width of the bed. The bracket should be setting ontop of the bed, not even with it. otherwise the product is wellmade and I really like it; it would be worth the $70 they wanted to install it not to have to worry about these install issues, however, now it would be easy because I now know exactly what to do, once you do, it would not take more than an hour to do the whole job. hope this gives you some factual input. ED

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    I've got one that i took off my '98. The posts about it not fitting our trucks "EXACTLY" are correct. I had problems with it not staying latched to the tailgate. I'm unsure if i'll install it on the '02.

    '07.5 3500 SW 4X4 Mega cab breathing much better now,'02 ETH/DEE, 4x4, SBQC,Bombed APPS (thanks TIMBO),all stock,'92 W250,NV4500,LUCAS injectors,pump tweaked,timing advanced 1/8",4" exhaust , Auto Meter boost/pyro/tach,41# of boost !

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    Thumbs up Still considering it...

    Thanks to you for all the replies. I am still considering purchasing this cover. I have looked at tonneau covers and found that they would be to bulky to remove to carry bulky or different loads. And then, where would you store the thing when you take it off? Did you have a bedliner before & after installation?

    I wanted to see if there were any peculiarities or special circumstances that I couldn't think of before putting one on. I'll post my results and if I get one, my experiences in installation. Any other suggestions?

    '02 2500 Patriot Blue SLT Quad Cab 4X4 Long Bed 5. 9L 235HP Automatic, 3. 55 Anti-Spin

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    Check out the company Peragon company. They have a different approach. I just ordered one. I like the fact it can be removed with no tools.


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    I have had the "Pace Edwards' Roll Top Cover",(, on my truck for over 4 years now. I love it and would purchase this same product again for my next truck. It locks just in front of my 5th wheel hitch when towing.
    Marshall & Cindy

    2012 Dodge Ram Laramie Quad Cab 3500 DRW 4x2, 6.7 w/6spd. Auto 2007 SunnyBrook 33CKTSLS Hobby - R/C Airplanes

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    My brother has had one on his Ford for a couple of years and said he wished he had just put a clamshell on the back instead. He said it sticks all the time and leaks water. I do think it looks good though.

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    Is this the one from Genos or a different one?

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    This is the one from I called these folks in FL at the factory. They explained about the fit, and the chance of leakage at the tailgate if you do not get the gaskets to fit properly. I think with an under the rail bedliner and this top that it will provide quick access to hauling large or bulk items such as mulch or stone, yet give the option of locking the bed and protecting items you do not want to expose to the elements. The Pace Edwards looks interesting. What is anyone's experience with it as far as leaks?

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    The place I purchased my RollnLock from also sold Pace Edwards.

    Roll N Lock was a little more. . . After showing me all the features on each one(they are similar)I opted for the Roll N Lock.

    Can't really remember all the things I liked better. One was the

    Pace Edward did not lock the tailgate. . maybe they do now.

    The dealer recommended the Roll N Lock over the Pace.

    At that time Roll N Lock made two model. . One with the Vinyl on top of the slats,and one without the vinyl. The one without the vinyl you could walk on(so they said),the one with vinyl was lighter aluminum and could not hold as much weight,but it could support more than the Pace. I understand now they only make the

    vinyl covered one. Mine is vinyl covered as the dealer told me that

    they did have some problems with snow melting and freezing in the slats. We are from WY and spend a lot of time there. It can snow and get cold,so I got the vinyl.

    Good luck on whatever you choose.


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    I have a pace-edwards rolltop. Almost four years since I put it on. It does not leak. You will get some water in around your tailgate unless you weatherstrip along the sides and bottom of your tailgate. J. C. Whitney has an inexpensive tailgate weatherstrip kit.

    '98.0 Driftwood 3500 Quad Cab SLT 12V Automatic 4:10 LS Gear Vendors, Transfer Flow, Line X, Pace Roll Top, VDO, Reese 5th Hitch, Prime Loc, KDP tabbed.

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    Lightbulb Been happy with mine, but...

    that electric one from PE sure looks cool. Only one drawback. . . $$$.

    I sold a couple of the Roll-N-Lock's to some friends and they liked'em too. They're kind of a pain to get put on right if you have a bed liner. The tailgate latch can be tricky to get adjusted correctly. I did have mine freeze up a couple times this winter, but I guess that's what happens when you wash the truck in 20 degree weather.

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    I bought a Roll-N-Lock about one year ago. I can not stress this enough "DO NOT BUY A ROLL-N-LOCK" Mine was delivered with the wrong mounting brackets,alot of the screws were missing. called the factory and they sent missing parts. About a month later I had a problem opening the lid,called the factory and asked for some help,was put on hold,waited for someone to come to the phone for about 15 min. am still waiting for answer.


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    I've had my roll n lock (made in Fl. ) for 3 years. Zero problems, zero leaks, I love it and would recommend it .

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