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Thread: Legal to put a diesel engine in a gas chassis in California?

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    Legal to put a diesel engine in a gas chassis in California?

    I posted something similar earlier today but now I want to ask the more general question. Can you put a diesel engine in a vehicle if it did not come with one and get it registered in California? My buddy put a 6bt in a Chevy 4x4 1 ton that originally had a 350. The DMV just certified it and he did not have to go to BAR. However, this chassis was originally available with a diesel (albeit a lame 6. 2).

    However, I want to put a diesel in an Audi that never came with a gas engine in that type of chassis (at least for that year). Does anyone know if this can be done and certified in California? I believe the year of the engine must meet or exceed the year of the chassis, for one thing. But I just want to know if anyone has done this.

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    As Far as I was told by the BAR here in San Diego, when I called and asked about doing my Ramcharger conversion, I was told that since I have the vehicle already registered in CA, go ahead and when It is done come on in with the title and get the vehicle looked at and changed over.

    I will be taking the Ramcharger in in the next week and seeing what can be done.

    I will post more.


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    Back in '78 I put a 6-33 Nissan in my '68 El Camino (still have it). I had to take it to the DMV and have the registration changed in their computer. I just made an appointment came to the counter, they had someone come out to the truck to look at it, we went back in he put "D" under powered by and I was done! I don't know if it's the same now, but it was easy back then. The key is to make sure they change it in the computer, if they don't you'll be back again in two years when the smog check is due again. This is assuming the vehicle is younger than 1973 or whatever it is this year.

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    Just had the DMV inspect my truck and the only thing he wanted to see was the EPA tag showing that it is Epa for all states and california.

    I will get a new title in the mail shortly reflecting the Diesel.

    Also ordered new personalized plates.

    Take care, already looking at converting something else, I have a complete 92 4x4 that looks like it needs a good home.


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    I assume you are talking about your '91 Ramcharger with the '93 6bt?

    Everyone else,

    Thanks for the replies. It sounds like if the year of the engine exceeds the year of the chassis you're O. K? Anyone know about light duty vs. heavy duty swaps (my other post)?

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    I was never asked what year motor it was, all DMV is concerned about is that there is an EPA plate

    on the engine. Dmv looked at Vin and door vin number and the EPA plate and he was done.

    You could use a 4bt motor and get a Tag from a

    6bt motor that is in a wrecker. They are located on the front gear housing

    Data plate number from cummins is 3919603

    Take care


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    Is that to say that the EPA plate does not identify the year of the engine? Are you also saying that the 4bt's don't have the EPA plate? I guess that would mean they are technically not legal for light duty trucks? I believe light duty means 1 ton or less.

    My latest plan of attack is to put a VW diesel motor in an Audi quattro. I think this would have the EPA plate.

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