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    Question Thermostat Controlled Block Heater Cord

    For the expected benefits of warmer starts in this cooler climate, I am considering getting a block heater cord with a thermostat control to use on my DC. Can anyone out there advise me on this topic? Sources, options, etc? Thanks in advance.

    '97 2500 CC 4x4 5spd 3. 54LSD all stock except K&N Air, EGT&Boost Guages - next Psychotty & 4" exhaust

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    Take a look at www. thermocube. com . This plugs into an outlet and is thermostatically controlled. I just ordered the TC-3(on at 35 degrees F - off at 45 degrees F) from .

    '98 2500 reg. cab 2WD SLT, 12V, 5 sp. , 4. 10, 235/85/16's, K&N, Starboard running boards, Ventvisors, Delta Champion alum. toolbox, DeeZee alum. rail caps, window tint, cup smoothie, Autometer boost & pyro, pulling a 30' Jayco 304BH

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    I just used a 12 gauge extension cord and wired a standard 110/240 volt household electric heat thermostat to it. I plug the cord into a ground fault outlet. A 14 gauge cord is probably heavy enough, but I'd rather be safe and use 12 gauge. Hope this helps.

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    We always use KIM HOTSTARTS on our equipment. they have built in thermostats in the block heater inlet, also use their generic thermostats for other types of heaters. they have remote sensors ( external mount with clamp or wire tye ) and splice into the power cord of the heater. This keeps the engine at a preset temp and cycles the heater as necessary. See www. kimhotstart. com
    my $. 02

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    Sounds like what you want to do is typical of livestock bucket heaters, you might check with a local farm supply store. I know of one company that manufacturers the line of Ice Chasers (I believe they're Agricultural Inovations Inc. ) They make a Thermo Cube which IS a thermostatic plug-in adapter rated to handle 1000 Watt heater rings for large livestock tubs- certainly should handle block heater, and would be sealed to meet 'barn use'.

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    Many thanks for the feedback. I will be following up on your suggestions. Cheers, Pete.

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