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Thread: 24V Oil Pressure Sending Unit

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    Question 24V Oil Pressure Sending Unit

    I just replaced the oil pressure sending unit at 85K miles (yes, it scares the living sh** out of you when your oil pressure gage goes to zero when you are going 85 mph down the freeway!). Reading some previous threads I found the Cummins part number to be 3408428. Call distributor in SLC and had one UPSed right out, replace the unit, life is great!

    Now the question:

    1) The unit I pulled out of my truck (late '99) had part number 3348749.

    2) My invoice said "OBSOLETE SEE ECMP IN IMS" under the description column.

    3) The box said:

    Origin US

    Wt 0. 25

    Date: 07-MAY-02

    Pkgr. MDC

    Desc. Sen Prs

    Part No. 3408428

    What is the correct part number for the latest and greatest unit (both units looked identical)? Original unit had lower number, does that mean it was an older version? Why does my invoice say part is "obsolete"

    Unit works great, just curious - any help or insight would be appreciated.



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    That part number didn't work for my 01, so maybe they are going to a universal number to fit newer and older trucks?

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    Back to the top!

    Come on guys! I know someone out there has the answer. One of these days you are all going to have to change your oil pressure sending unit.

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    Sit tight I will post My #'s RIGHT off the Box when I get in (10:30 ~ ish)

    Did mine and No problems ever again (So far)
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    Cummins Genuine Parts:

    Origin : US

    WT: 0. 25

    Date: 16-mar-02

    pkgr: mdc

    Desc: SEN , Prs

    Part No: 3408428


    HANDWRITTEN # 190709 <-----I have no idea what this means but it was written in marker on the box.
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    Tool Man-you drive a 2001. Is it an early or late model? Also is it an HO or not? That's the part number I picked up from Cummins for my 2001 and it didn't work. The electrical connection was wrong. I'm wondering if they changed something in mid year? My truck was made in 6/00 and is an HO.
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    MJawsman , Mine is a EARLY 2001 not a 01. 5 And this is the one that worked for me. Now That I think of it there is someone else that is looking for one too and it seemed the Part#'s @ dodge are the issue . . . . Cummins has the right part for the job and is in the system as such.
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    Mine is an early 01 also, and maybe they had multiple sensors for that year based on options or something. I don't know why it didn't fit, all I know is it didn't fit. I gave the number off the old sensor to the parts guy at Cummins and he said that they had one three states away. I said I'd probably order it, but now that the old one is back in, it hasn't failed yet! Maybe it was just a dirty connection or something.

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    Unhappy Mine too

    Hey guys, my sending unit just went out. After I changed my shorts (scared the liven sh!? out of me) I called and got a price on a new sending unit ($35. 00) and now I'm wondering how difficult it is to change out. I'm still under warranty with a $50 deductible so I'm weighting my options. . .
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    It doesn't matter how hard it is to do it needs to be done so get it done Cliff. You know my motto it is better to learn how to do it yourself than let someone else screw it up for you.

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    Part # 4088390 is the latest I saw. Easy to change, all you need is a 32 MM deep socket, takes 5 minutes.


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    I hear ya talken Blairman but. . . if it involved some redickuless (spelled wrong but sounds right) thing like removing the feeken engine just to get to it. . . . Well, you get the idea

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    BFC, are you sure it a 32mm. The new sending unit is a 27mm

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    I can only vouch for mine, I used a 32 MM. They may have change for the newer trucks. But on this thread a few day ago guy did it with a 32MM, he bought the sensor from Cummins.

    I guess ask when you buy it,


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    I am having the oil pressure sending unit problem in my 99 3500. I went to the Dodge dealer where they wanted $305 for a replacement unit. I then checked the TDR website for a part no. and came up with Cummins part no. 3408428, which it requested from the Cummins place. They said the unit no. had been superseded with part no. 4076930, which also requires part no. 3164755 (wiring harness which plugs into 4076930 and cover that goes over the old sender unit connection) This new "one wire" harness plugs into the Deutsch OEM connector at cavity K and the old sensor harness and plug are not even used!! They are also refering to the 4076930 as a "switch" instead of a sensor and are requiring a "recalibration" of the ECM with the installation of this "switch"!! This action will provide for a constant 55# registered on the guage.

    Bottom line is is this the correct sensor, or switch for this engine?? I am not too keen on having the computer recalibrated by the Dodge Boys!!!
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