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Thread: 47RE transmission shifting problems and fix.(Long)

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    47RE transmission shifting problems and fix.(Long)

    Not sure if this will help anyone, but I thought it was good info. I have friend that has a 99 Ram V10 with the 47RE trans. Listed below is the problem he was having and what the fix was. . Tom

    99 Ram 2500 V10 with 47RE Automatic Transmission

    My transmission had been slipping in first gear from time to time and progressively got worse within the last month. It often seemed as if the rear brakes were grabbing hard or like a worn clutch slipping if it were a manual transmission. The transmission appeared to be working just fine after shifting into second gear. I admit, I am clueless when it comes to automatic transmissions so I did the only thing that I knew how to do. I changed the transmission fluid and filter. Things went from bad to worse. Now in addition to the slip in 1st gear the transmission began hunting for gears when accelerating. The transmission would rapidly shift from 2nd-3rd-2nd-3rd-2nd-3rd until I let off the gas peddle. Or sometimes it would jerk the truck around two or three times (like double clutch shifting) then jump into the next higher gear.

    I borrowed the service manual from a friend and read up on the 47re transmission. The diagnosis and testing section said that these symptoms could be caused by the following:

    1) Fluid level low

    2) Fluid foaming

    3) Throttle linkage misadjusted

    4) Gearshift linkage misadjusted

    5) Rear clutch Worn

    6) Low hydraulic pressure due to worn pump, incorrect control pressure adjustments, valve body warpage or malfunction, sticking governor, leaking seal pings, clutch seals leaking, servo leaks, clogged filter or cooler lines

    7) Rear clutch malfunction, leaking seals or worn plates

    8) Overrunning clutch worn, not holding( slip in 1 only)

    I really didnít want to go through the hassle of dropping the transmission and pulling the guts out of it. So I gave it my best reasonable guess and determined that it could be the governor pressure solenoid or the governor pressure sensor/transmission fluid temperature thermistor. I decided to replace both just in case. I called the dealer to see if they had the parts in stock. I figured if they kept the parts on hand then itís likely they replace them often. The person I spoke to in the parts department at the dealership told me that they had several in stock.

    I bought a cheesy fluid/air pump from Kmart ($6. 00) and 5-ft of vacuum hose ($3-4. 00). I adapted the vacuum hose to the pump hose and ran it down through the dip stick tube to the transmission pan. Then I pumped all the fluid out into a plastic jug. Dropped the transmission pan. The valve body is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and its location makes it easy to remove. Removed the two torques head screws and pulled out the governor pressure solenoid. I probably could have stopped here and fixed the problem. Then I removed the four 7/16 bolts and slowly pulled out the governor pressure solenoid body. Then removed the retaining clip that held the governor pressure sensor/transmission fluid temperature thermistor in place inside the valve body. The valve body gasket stayed intact after I took it all apart. Probably not such a good idea but I used the original gasket when I put it back together. The guy at the parts department didnít have a gasket in stock anyway. He said it would take three days to get one in and that it would be the first time ever he had ordered this gasket. Anyhow the whole thing took about 45-minutes to complete and the transmission shifts like new. The two parts together cost just under $200. One was $105 and the other $80 something. No sure which was which.

    Other parts cost (labor not included)

    Transmission diagnostic testing at Dodge $79

    I didnít have this done for my transmission. I donít trust dealerships

    or repair shops. Iím sure they would have told me that I needed a

    torque converter or a new transmission.

    New trans from Dodge $4,500 Dealership said they donít do rebuild transmissions

    Rebuilt transmission from Jasper Engine and Trans $3,000+

    Salvage yard in PA $1,900
    2016 Ram 3500 4X4 Laramie Longhorn Crew Cab Longbed Dually - Maximum Steel

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    Thank you

    Thanks for that bit of information. My transmission has had a hard shift from 2nd to 3rd for the past 40k miles. I believe my first gear slips a little but it has always felt this way. The shift problem gets worse with temperature. I don't tow very much. On a hard climb pulling a 5k trailer the transmission will sometimes drop in and out of 3rd gear with a steady pedal. I have adjusted the bands each fluid change, which I do every 20K using Amsoil synthetic. Now that I have read how you solved your problem matbe it will solve mine. Thanks again.

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