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Thread: Post ONLY IF You have Info Or "Work Arounds" On Discontinued Parts/Sources

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    Exclamation Post ONLY IF You have Info Or "Work Arounds" On Discontinued Parts/Sources

    Post ONLY IF You have Info Or "Work Arounds" On Discontinued Parts/Sources

    Well fella's/ladies,

    Here is the "Sub-Forum" we asked for.

    I would like to personally and publicly thank Robin and the "team" for helping make this happen.

    FWIW I have assured TDR that this forum would not be misused. .

    By that I mean it will not turn into a covert advertising forum.

    The TDR rules apply in here, with a couple extra conditions. . . .

    First, PLEASE ,, use this forum for the listing of discontinued, "no longer available, dealer doesn't have them anymore parts". For example, if you have found a source for parts or repair material because of your need (or another 1st genner's problem then you post that here. If you post here simply for the purpose of asking a question without a corresponding solution/supplier/souce, the post will be moved.

    If you find a source for replacement OEM or equivalents it should go in here. The idea is to keep this forum solely related to parts and components that are hard/impossible to find from the maker or DC or Cummins. .

    If anyone uses it for advertising/vendor promo's, the post will be deleted immediately and if repeat problems occur, then other measures will apply.

    This will include 'warnings', 'strikes', 'suspensions', or the cancellation of the entire sub-fourm.

    I promised Robin and the TDR, that we would do this right, and keep the language clean, I have faith in you to keep me out of hot water.

    If you'd also like to offer members the option to contact you directly about your parts post, say so at the end of post, that way new members will not hesitate to PM or email you since some are naturaly a bit shy when the first start.

    If you have a "custom fix" for a discontinued part you could also refer to that as a solution until a source is found for your particular part/issue.

    I did my part here, try to do yours and this will become a great 1st Gen resource that no other site is doing.

    I'm also working on getting some of this type of info from reliable sources too.

    Remember, keep your stick on the ice. . . .

    edit: if you have tried a mod that resulted in catastrophic failure to a discontinued part/component you might include that info and, of course, were you found the replacement, the # etc.

    This will serve two purposes, first it should warn off the one's paying attention, and second it'll provide the solution for the one's who aren't

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    Bush, You flipped the puck thru the goalie and into the net. This will be a great site and of good use to all of us ist generationer.

    Good work


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    I have faith in you to keep me out of hot water.

    Bob. . . . what do you think we are . . . . miracle workers???

    We'll at least keep you afloat for a while to enjoy heat!

    I think this will be an awsum forum. . . .

    Thaks for getting it set up with TDR.
    Current-05 1500 2wd Gasser V6 auto
    Ex-1991 (non-intercooled) D250 5 spd 152K miles. K & N filter/enhanced flow airbox, Isspro boost, pyro, and tach,16 cm, pump FW, 4" exhaust, Bully Dogs, Blaupunkt CD, Dead KDP, Frankenturbo,CGFP
    Latest dyno number...241rwhp/604rwt

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    Early EGR Rear Disk Brake Kit parts from Midas

    I worked with Midas to find parts in their stock to replace the 1978 Cadillac parts used in the early EGR kits. I got mine in Feb 2003.

    Item Midas PN Description

    Pads (2) BP01780 Pro Series Pads WC#Z19650350775

    Rotors (2) AZ5445 Brake Rotors

    Right Caliper AZC188 RMFG Caliper

    Left Caliper AZC189 RMFG Caliper

    Hardware AZH5507 Brake Hardware (bolts, etc. )

    1992 D250 LE CC, PDR rebuilt VE pump @ 15*+366 spring, POD's, H1C/16cm2, BHAF, ATS Exh Manifold, 4" Pinnacle exhaust, A518 w/DTT mod VB & 89% T/C, 3.54 LSD, Trans Coolers, Borgeson steer shaft, 4wh disc brakes, 7226S Front Springs, KDP pinned, 260 kmiles.

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    Rear inner wheel seal wear sleeve for '91 CC 2x4 d350, and presumably most other like bearinged trucks.

    National #99300 wear sleeve, $58. 96, works with National Seal 455086. Works good for high mileage where there is a deep groove on axle housing.

    Also, for standard trucks, the steering shafts off of '94up Dodges work good to replace the stock rag joint and t-boxes. A lot cheaper than other options, and last a long time if you'll grease them from time to time.
    Local Fix-it man.

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    Parts Info I have Used

    For my 1992 CTD and similar:

    Cummins Part Numbers and prices as of 11/13/2009:

    Fuel Return Line (not sure if that's the real name)

    Part No 3925860 - $64. 26

    Goes from the injector pump along the engine block to the rear driver's side of the engine and connects to a "tee" fitting. Injector pump end had banjo bolt fitting.

    Air feedback Line (again not sure if that's the real name)

    Part No 3282437 - $38. 10

    Short line loops from injector pump and connects to intake manifold. Banjo bolt fitting on injector pump end.
    1992 W250 CTD Getrag 5 speed. Original Owner. All stock except 4" Rip Rook exhaust and 8 foot Boss Plow. Yes, this truck works for a living. Approaching 200K and going strong.

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