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Thread: Central Texas/Waco meet at Majestic Turbo

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    For those who arrive late, Majestic Turbo is at the corner of 8th and Jefferson in Waco. I believe there is a 8th st off ramp on I-35 and go north/west to 815 Jefferson ph# 757 3759.

    Afterwards we can go to either Rudys Barbecue or Mexican food.

    See ya there.
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    Just knocked a few of the clods off Silver. . . I'll be there. . I'll try to make it to the Elite. . . Not sure about eating after wards. . . have to look at the time. . . .


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    Man, i hope you guys had a good time today, i sure i wish i could have been there. We had a death in the family late saturday night, so i was unable to attend. Jon, maybe you can fill me in.



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    We had 7 trucks show up and enjoyed meeting CB and Wayne from Ft Worth and the full size 4 door extended cab 4x4 was a unique truck that I enjoyed lookin over but man was it looooong. Tom from Austin and Bryan, Joseph and I from Waco made up the group to visit Majestic Turbo. A big thank you to Kevin and the crew at M. T for taking their time on a Sunday to show us around and answer questions and teach us all about turbos. Tire kickin, test rides and mexican food finished the day off just right. Thanks to all for coming out today, it was fun and good to see old friends and meet new ones.

    Sorry you couldnt make it Allen, I was telling everyone about your wheels and they wanted to see them.


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    turbo cut away, notice bushings and oil passages. We were told that the bushing turbos last longer and are a lot cheaper to rebuild.

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    Deezul, Its JB, it was nice to meet all of yall . Was definatley an informative day , now I won't end up spending money on them ball bearing turbos afterall , Guess money for more fuel. EDM's that is. hope to do it again.


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    Sorry JB, I cant seem to remember names worth nothing, glad you made it down.

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    Thanks Deezul for getting us together. . itwas good to meet more of the TDR group. . and Thanks to MT for the tour. . .


    (John I'll be in touch about that clutch. . . . )

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