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The Turbo Diesel Register - The Magazine's Purpose

The purpose of the Turbo Diesel Register is to give Dodge/Cummins owners more satisfaction in the ownership of their pickup. How so? Each quarter we publish a magazine with 25+ columns. Since the Fall of '93, the publication has provided an open forum for the exchange of information from the manufacturers to the owners, from members to members and from owners back to manufacturers. The quarterly TDR magazine, a 150...
(Issue 26, pages 14 - 15)

Q. My wise old mechanic who has worked on Mercedes for years told me that if I put one gallon regular gas to a diesel tankfull after about every four tanks that it would perform essentially the same job as a fuel injector cleaner at a fraction of the cost.

I would like to hear a technical opinion.


Bill, I'll turn the answer to your request for a technical opinion over to Brian Kmetz. As a mechanical engineer, Brian's daily task...