Turbo Diesel Register Testimonials
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TDR Member: RangerGress
Y’know, I really gotta tell you that I think it’s a great magazine. I’ve been reading Car and Driver, and Road and Track, pretty religiously for a long time. Almost all of their articles are just BS fluff. The BMWCCA rag is 100% BS fluff.

TDR is a real contrast to the pap that is served by most of the other car mags. Sadly, TDR is a bad fit for me because I can’t afford a Cummins.

Hmm.....I’m finding that this is hard to articulate. The focus of most car magazines seems to be cool pics and trying not to use the same metaphor or intro too often. There’s no technical depth to the articles, so there’s nothing to really grab a person’s interest. All too often the articles have glaring technical flaws, like giving credit to “big brakes” for stopping distances instead of sticky tires. Maybe they can’t do any better, or maybe it’s forced upon them because of their target audience. I don’t recall that I’ve ever read an article in a BMWCCA magazine and “learned something interesting”. But that’s how I react to most of the articles in TDR. You have people that know what they are talking about and they’re teaching the community. And that’s cool because learning is good.

Scott Gress
TDR Member: JScelso
I have been a TDR member for over 15 years and have gained numerous benefits as a result. Not only has the magazine educated me about my 3 Dodge diesel trucks, it has saved me a lot of money by making parts/accessories available that are hard to get, and also many that enhance the use and appearance of them.
What is really interesting is my communications with service writers at the local dealership when I have told them about a problem/issue I learned about via the TDR, they had no knowledge of. It has been interesting, as they tend to believe they know everything and didn't even want to look at the magazine to see what I had learned.
I anxiously await each new issue to see what else I needed to know. Keep up the great work.
The TDR has helped me get more out of my truck with all the information it has provided along with helping me fix it along with other trucks I have repaired. I love to read it cover to cover and can're wait till next issue comes.
TDR Member: RGH43
TDR is a magazine that provides a great deal of info to readers. I recommend it to many Ram owners.
TDR Member: Thump
TDR's blind oil analysis from years ago has saved me from potential costly repairs as well as knowing a great lube oil for my HPCR in my 3rd gen and 6.7 in my 4th gen. Much more savings than the membership costs
TDR Member: KOG
I own 6 RAM diesels. TDR is essential information to supplement the FSMs I keep for all of them.
TDR Member: ringneck
it has been my go to answers,when the dealer comes up with out of this world bull ****.solid people that knows their truck and will help.ring neck
TDR Member: BFagan
I do read the TDR Magazine. I can't say that it has saved me money,but I learn a lot about my truck.
I have a 2004 with 263,000 miles and almost everything under the hood is original. This truck has been an outstanding truck. The price of the new ones are just crazy. I live in Southern California.
TDR Member: BDallin
Turbo Diesel Register has been invaluable since I first subscribed when I bought my '95. A good example is the article on how to change the heater core. Tips and shortcuts really helped. There have been many great articles. My '95 is still running thanks to TDR.
TDR Member: GAmes
I can't begin to calculate how much money I've saved over the years because of the TDR. It has to be in the thousands, and that is no joke. In addition, being able to quickly recognize the source of a problem, thanks to the experiences of others, has saved me hours of troubleshooting time. Add to that the friendship of members I've had the chance to meet in person and the correspondence of those who I haven't yet had a chance to meet. I display the TDR logo on my truck proudly.
TDR Member: Bug Out
Since 1998 when I first subscribed to TDR,(Owned a 1997 3500 CC dually 5spd) the magazine and online board has saved me tens of thousands of dollars in money and headaches. Many times other members experience with certain issues, my first was the 5 speed that would loose 5th gear, I found a trans rebuilder in Texas that I think all but guaranteed the 5th gear shaft.. Never had a problem again.Learned of the killer dowel pin on the 12 Valve motors before it killed mine. The list goes on and on. All the way up to now with my 2016 3500 with the AISIN trans, having to find out what fluid etc saved me hundreds of dollars. It has been a lifesaver and money saver and many thanks to all the members out there.
TDR Member: Modestojim
I'm a volunteer Firefighter at Inspiration Point Rural Fire Protection District in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Our fire department was wanting to replace an old fire truck that was not doing the job for us. I started to search for a replacement and finally I was approved to purchase a 2011 Dodge RAM 5500 4X4 with the Diesel and a Utility body with 170,000 miles on it. The task fell to me to organize and purchase the needed parts and pieces to turn this old work horse into a Fire Truck. My son, who owns a Ram pickup turned me onto Turbo Diesel Register, and the department paid for my subscription. TDR Magazine has filled in many blanks for me and has pointed me in the right direction as problems crept up, like when the stock clutch failed suddenly. I feel that the subscription has more than paid for itself and you folks along with your contributors are great. Attached is a current picture of our close to state of the art truck that was assembled at a savings of more that $100,000.View attachment 109075