Jan 13, 2020 at 3:20 PM
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    Hello Ram faithful. Here is some really big news from the folks at Automotive News.
    Ram Takes the #2 Position in Truck Sales from Chevy.

    U.S. light-vehicle sales topped 17 million for an unprecedented fifth consecutive year. Here are some numbers that stand out.

    2019 was the U.S. auto industry's 7th-strongest year on record.
    2016 17,553,429
    2015 17,482,841
    2000 17,402,486
    2018 17,318,961

    U.S. light-truck sales set a record for a 5th consecutive year.
     Light trucks% of mkt.
    2019 12,317,31072%
    2018 11,976,73869%
    2017 11,115,86564%
    2016 10,657,65861%
    2015 9,916,17357%

    5 brands saw their market share change by more than a quarter point in 2019.
     2019 ShareChange
    Ram 4.10%0.7
    Tesla 1.30%0.3
    Chevrolet 11.50%-0.3
    Ford 13.40%-0.3
    Nissan 7.20%-0.6

    Ram beat the Silverado for the _rst time, and full-size pickup sales rose to a record.
     2019 SalesChange
    Ford F series 896,526-1.4%
    Ram pickup 633,69418%
    Chevrolet Silverado 575,600-1.7%
    GMC Sierra 232,3235.80%
    Toyota Tundra 111,673-5.6%
    Nissan Titan 31,514-38%
    Total full-size pickups 2,481,3302.50%

    The Ranger, in its first year back on the market in the U.S., outsold the Colorado in the 4th quarter, foreshadowing what could be an intriguing battle in 2020.
     Full yearQ4
    Chevrolet Colorado 122,30425,484
    Ford Ranger 89,57133,059

    The Mustang was tops in a 3-pony race for a 5th consecutive year. For the 2nd straight year, it was Dodge, not Chevy, trailing closest behind.
     2019 SalesChange
    Ford Mustang 72,489-4.4%
    Dodge Challenger 60,997-8.6%
    Chevrolet Camaro 48,265-5.3%

    The Model 3 was far and away the top-selling electric vehicle, though it gained new competition in 2019 and will face even more in 2020.
     2019 SalesChange
    Tesla Model 3 180,000*53%
    Tesla Model X 22,800*5.60%
    Tesla Model S 20,400*-23%
    Chevrolet Bolt 16,418-8.9%
    Nissan Leaf 12,365-16%

    Compact crossovers outsold the combined total of compact and midsize cars - the industry's two biggest segments as recently as 2015.
     2019 Total2015 Total
    Compact crossovers 2,828,4442,422,168
    Compact/midsize cars 2,813,3124,636,503

    Only 3 of the 30 largest brands in the U.S. sold more cars than light trucks.
     CarsLight trucks
    Kia 331,107294,231
    Tesla 200,400*22,800*
    Mini 22,12313,969

    BMW wrestled the luxury crown away from Mercedes-Benz for the _rst time since 2015.
     2019 Sales 2018 Rank
    BMW 324,8262nd
    Mercedes-Benz* 316,0941st
    Lexus 298,1143rd

    *Excludes Sprinter, Metris
    Amid a 1.2 percent decline in total light-vehicle sales, 7 brands posted increases of more than 10,000 units.
     Volume increase % change
    Ram 105,65518%
    Tesla 57,200*34%
    Kia 25,6654.40%
    Hyundai 21,1383.20%
    Subaru 19,9822.90%
    BMW 13,8124.40%
    Genesis 10,922106%

    Volvo is the only brand that reports monthly sales to post a gain every month in 2019. Seven other brands have shorter active streaks of year-over-year increases.
     Consecutive months
    Volvo 12
    BMW, Genesis 11
    Porsche 8
    Audi, Kia, Mazda 3
    Mitsubishi 2

    Source: Automotive News Data Center
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by TDRAdmin4, Jan 13, 2020.

    1. Tuesdak
      It's always been a anomaly to split GMC and Chevy when the truth is "GM pickups". To outsell GM you need to break the combined 807,923. Must sell papers to use a softer and smaller target of Chevy and adding a GMC category. However GM's never ending re-badging program is deserving of this break out. IMO GMC is merely a trim level with a Cadillac Service department. "#1 selling" has always been a join the flies stuck on the flypaper marketing.

      What does FCA offer to compete with Yukon, Suburban, Tahoe, and Ford's Expedition? Aside of the clear-cut "Nothing" you have to substitute a crew cab pickup. Let me "double down" with 3/4 ton SUV and what FCA doesn't sell unless it has a pickup bed on it... Just saying there is a big hole in their product line up.
    2. Ozymandias
      The Durango is the PERFECT SUV for people, like me, that do not want the boxy design of the Ford and the Chevy but want an American 3 row SUV.
      FCA did very well with the decision to not made just a copy of the big two.
    3. TFucili
      But remember, you, or we, are not the average buyer. They need to market to the sheeple if they intend to grow market share, and that will require a Tahoe et al competitor. At least until the next oil price shock...
      Tuesdak and Ozymandias like this.
    4. CJ8Rockcrawler
      We currently have a Durango as well... for multiple reasons. Smaller 3 row SUV, rear wheel drive architecture, V8 power etc. We appreciate the space and are happy to have better maneuverability and handling than a Tahoe or Suburban.

      Having said that the FCA Tahoe competitor is coming, but it will be Jeep, not a Dodge from what I understand.
      Ozymandias and TFucili like this.
    5. RVTRKN
      Thats unfortunate, Jeep quality has a terrible reputation, it'll either be a lemon or a homerun. I know I wouldn't buy a Jeep unless it is a Wrangler, even then I opted for the Tacoma. I didn't like the new V6 for the Wrangler, I was worried about FCA moving Fiat technology into the USA market, vrs the reliability of a Tacoma.
      Tuesdak likes this.
    6. Ozymandias
      The Wrangler is the last true Jeep.
      The other "JEEP" are based on different FCA platforms but not true Jeeps.
      So no need to worry anymore, Times are changing.
    7. TFucili
      I don't see where Jeep QC is any different than Chrysler in general. Kaiser-Jeep was bought by American Motors in 1969, and what was left of AMC after the ruinous Renault disaster was bought by Chrysler in 1987. The slapping of the Jeep emblem on superfluous econoboxes began long before Fiat came along. The Compass was a Daimler(dummkopf)decision, based on a shared Mitsubishi platform, for instance. What is a real Jeep? Park a Wrangler next to a CJ-7, or a CJ-5, and look how enormous it has become. The phrase Just Empty Every Pocket has been around as long as I can remember.
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