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    Say goodbye to the Hemi:

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    TDRComm , Feb 22, 2024
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    1. Diesel85
      Sad they didn't include a clean burning, fuel efficient diesel engine in their line up.

      Oh well, next truck will have a Cummins Turbo Diesel in it.

      I also wished they would not have in-house designed/engineered the engine. Leave it to the proper engine builders.

      Just another gas guzzling polluting gas engine truck. With less stricter EPA/CARB emissions. Yucky.

      Looks neat, but it's getting a little much with all the displays and what not. Just a tad distracting when driving, especially with all them displays lit up at night -- even in the DARK mode.
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    2. Tuesdak
      There is a big reason the 3.6L V6 is still offered.

      I have posted before: from a Fleet Manager perspective in areas of the country that be EXTREME HEAT or just plain hot: Turbocharged gasoline is DOA. It's going to be a DOG as the engine computer tries to not kill the engine from spark knock in the heat. The 91 Octane recommendation is also DOA. The minimum we can pay the pickup operator has a hard enough time figuring out Diesel vs. Gasoline. They are NOT going to push a more expensive button than their 15 year old Honda that gets them to work. 91 Octane costs more than diesel fuel here at times and not something we would have approved coming off our bottom line.

      Local station prices today 3/3/24:
      Regular 87 octane $3.39
      Mid $3.81
      91 Octane $4.09
      Diesel $3.99

      $0.70 a gal more times ~25 gal is $17.50 per fill up reason(s) to miss the Hemi!

      Some of you in the colder areas have no idea how gutless a NA gasoline engine runs in hot DRY weather due to spark knock. You can't add boost when it's fighting knock at 0 boost! Then add A/C heat load, HP draw for compressor, and cooling fan HP draw just for the A/C. That takes what little power is left. Yeah it will be a "Hot DOG". (Wimpy low CFM electrics used today = Light Duty cooling system.)

      Some of you may know your older parents esp. truckers or fleet managers will be too CHEAP and STUBBORN to push the required performance 91 Octane button even for personal use. I can see service writers handing out flyers about why a new turbo pickup is a DOG because they grow tired of saying the same "use 91 octane" thing 100X a day.

      Glowing Government reports, CAFE and Emissions, pushing/requiring impractical designs on us.

      The 1/2 tons we have had luck with are a plain NA 4.3L V6 RC LB GM 1/2 ton getting 250K out of an engine before the pickup falls apart around it. (In the 1990's and 4 wheel disc brakes in 1999 was about damn time!!! To bad Mediocre GM went back to obsolete rear drums because they couldn't design a parking brake...) The fuel economy is why we liked the V6 for fleet use. (No towing.)
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    3. Diesel85
      Same here with 91 and 93. I've even seen 89 at select stations be higher than #2 pump diesel.

      Our new diesel trucks are cleaner burning and safer than what any gasoline engine or EV will ever try to be over the long run too.

      God bless Mr. Diesel and Mr. Cummins for their inventions. I think of them two every time I have ever turned that key or pushed that button on a diesel machine.

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