Feb 25, 2022 at 8:51 AM
  1. TDRComm Staff Member

    Fleetguard has created the downloadable PDF (below) highlighting the differences between their OE crankcase ventilation filters (which they manufacture for both Mopar and Cummins), and the imitation parts found online and at some local auto parts stores.

    We wanted to pass this along for you to read and decide for yourselves. However, we do feel that the general message in this is probably relevant to most any type of inexpensive/too-good-to-be-true products being peddled for our trucks out there these days. Buyers, beware.

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    Crankcase Filter.jpg
    TDRComm , Feb 25, 2022
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by TDRComm, Feb 25, 2022.

    1. BigPapa
      We've been using Baldwin CV15010's in our buses for just over a year with no issues, @ 60 installed in that time period. I have absolutely nothing against Fleetguard, just wanted to relay my experience with the Baldwin.
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    2. Motorhead
      BigPapa, you are using a quality filter too.:)
    3. CharlesinGA
      This is underneath the black cover on top of the engine, correct? ok, its one of those things I have ignored. I have an '03 5.9L HO perfectly stock except for the fluidampr. So should I go ahead and change it? I have original owners maintenance records, sorta, as they are mostly dealer invoices and the truck had <86K on it when they sold it (to a flipper, then me)

    4. dieselwagon
      With your '03 you are good to go -- there is no official OE maintenance schedule to change your crankcase filter. It would only be if needed/you had an issue. The info above from Fleetguard (i.e. the crankcase filter they are showing in the PDF) is relevant to 2007.5-newer trucks. But if you ever do need a replacement crankcase filter for your '03, Geno's Garage sells one.
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    5. TDRadmin
      Thanks for the clarification , Dieselwagon13.

      TDR Staff
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    6. Tuesdak
      The 2003's do not have a filter, period. They are just a oil mist separator with nothing to clog: mainly an empty box inside. You only replace them for leaks. The newer stuff has an actual filter in them. I had forgotten the odor from the vent to atmosphere caused with some engine oils on my 2003...
    7. DGBaker
      I'm pretty sure my 99 doesn't have a filter... Just my tube to the atmosphere.

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