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    “They grew up poor in Niles, Michigan. Red-heads. Stout guys; reputedly pretty good in a bar fight. And close—about as close as brothers can be, John and Horace Dodge.”

    And so Bill Millard begins his chapter on the history of the Dodge brothers in the Turbo Diesel Register’s Dodge/Cummins Historical Perspective book. His concise history of the Dodge Brothers and their rise into the developing automotive industry will keep your attention, and very possibly, teach you a few things about John and Horace you didn’t previously know.


    Click HERE to read the Dodge Brothers chapter by Bill Millard.


    The late Bill Millard was a TDR writer from the early days of the TDR magazine. He combined his passion for cars with his vast knowledge of American history, notably, automotive history. In his retired years, Bill was well-respected as a scholar of history and served as a docent and educator at the esteemed California Automobile Museum in Sacramento, California (formerly the Towe Auto Museum). He was the proud owner of a mint 1954 Corvette, in red. Bill is the author of several chapters within the TDR’s Dodge/Cummins Historical Perspective including those on the history of the Chrysler Corporation.


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