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    Hello TDR Members:

    We don’t correspond often, but when we do, well, this time it is for fun.

    If you’ll remember, our issues 108 and 110 magazines had articles from John Martin that gave you an inside look at the cars built for the SEMA show; cars built for the prestigious Ridler/Oakland Roadster shows; a Foose or Kindig-built vehicle; or a car that competes for the Goodguys National award. (And if you don't remember those articles, you will find downloadable PDFs of each at the end of this post).

    John wrote about his ’53 Studebaker and specifically about his ’34 Ford Coupe.
    John exemplifies the built, not bought” motto.

    His ’34 Ford Coupe is currently in a contest at the Goodguys website in the “2021 Homebuilt Heaven” category.

    So, if you would like to take a moment and place your vote for…
    Wait, it isn’t right to tell you for whom you should cast your vote. So, check out John and the competition. Have some fun looking at cool vehicles at the Goodguys website.

    Here is how to find John’s entry:
    • Go to www.good-guys.com/homebuilt21
    • Scroll down and you’ll see “2021 HOMEBUILT HEAVEN WINNER”
    • Click on “Vote Today!”
    • Scroll down and select your favorite (John’s is at the bottom of the list).
    • Click the “heart” button to cast your vote. Note: only ONE vote is allowed.

    Robert Patton

    P.S. Voting for the contest ends this coming Monday, January 31st at 12:00PM EST.


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