Jan 29, 2024 at 11:10 AM
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    TDR #123 is out for postal delivery. Let’s give the postal service the typical 7-10 days for delivery to your mailbox.

    What’s new for year 2024?

    Ahhh… How about the Cummins/EPA fiasco? But, that bad news happened on 12/22/23, and the magazine’s contents were already at the print shop. You’ll have to wait until the May (wow, that’s a long time) magazine for the 1.675-billion-dollar story(ies).

    In the meantime, let’s look at the table of contents for Issue 123.

    • 2024 membership decal: Find a place to display the TDR!
    • Member2Member: SEMA Show 2024, do you know what a BroDozer is? Also, the show has been opened to the general public (sort of). See you next year?
    • Backfire: “Adjust the bands” questions are answered by Moses Ludel. Also, brake rotors: The final answer.
    • Your Story: We learn about the passing of Mr. Cummins’ son, Lyle Cummins – a historian, engineer, patriot and family man.
    • Ready to Travel: The editor-dude goes to a car show and motorcycle museum.
    • 10 Back: The editor-dude misses the old “Cummins Column.” We learn some cold weather tips from the factory guys.
    • Nancy Newbie: Connie Baylor gives us a quick refresher on the previous magazine.
    • Technical Topics: The editor-dude gives you a review of Ram’s 1500 Ramcharger.
    • TDResource: We summarize the 2023 technical service bulletins from Ram.
    • All of the “Generations” problems and corrections are summarized by Greg Whale.
    • Blowin’ in the Wind: We define and discuss a new term, Media Anxiety, in context to all of the EV this-and-that chatter.
    • Writers Donnelly, Dalgleish, Langan, Ludel and Gozzi file reports from the SEMA show in November.
    • Doug Leno walks you through the steps to repair the “slide ski” on a fifth-wheel slide-out.
    • Kevin Cameron talks about his new book, “Superbike” and discusses further development of spark and diesel engines.

    That’s all. I’m hopeful you’ll enjoy Issue 123 and, as always, thank you for your support of the TDR.

    Robert Patton

    TDRComm , Jan 29, 2024
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