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    The winning February photo for this year’s TDR calendar was submitted by TDR member Ron Clough. We sent Ron some serious and fun questions about his truck. We enjoyed reading his answers and think you will also! (Don’t skip ahead hah -- but it seems many of us can relate to the information at the end about keeping the truck).

    TURBO DIESEL REGISTER: Where was the photograph taken?
    RON CLOUGH: The photo for the calendar was taken in Pine Cove California. They had one of their coldest weeks in 20 years and the heat of the truck caused the snow to melt and form the icicles on the truck.

    TDR: Tell us about your truck:
    RC: The truck is a 2005 Ram 2500 Big Horn Edition 4X4
    Current odometer reading: 208,000
    Mileage: I get 15 to 19.5 MPG - depending on how I drive!

    Modifications or Upgrades:
    Wow - here we go. The diesel 5.9 has new:

    Heavy-duty alternator
    High flow exhaust manifold
    Turbo labs of America 67mmx67mm custom turbo with 46# of boost
    5” Exhaust
    Frantz bypass oil filter
    Cold air intake
    Smarty Senior ECM programmer
    Custom aluminum intake manifold
    EGT and boost gauge
    FASS G56 coolers,new bearings in the G56
    Torco full synthetic racing automatic fluid
    Reinforced Silicone Couplers
    Blue Top steering box
    Dual disk clutch by South Bend
    Single aluminum drive shaft
    Free-spin front hubs by Dyna Trac
    Two fuel water filters and a CAT fuel filter
    LED under-dash lighting.
    New as of last year: batteries, hoses, water pump, fan belt, idler barring, 315/70/17 tires, front and rear cameras, Fox 2.0 shocks, front suspension rebuild kit including custom long 4-link control arms.

    Used for business or pleasure or both:
    I use the truck for pleasure, we do a lot of traveling into Baja California.

    Most unusual and/or heaviest thing you’ve ever trailered with it:
    Most unusual thing I have towed with it was an oversized 1/2 of a mobile home.
    Heaviest was a 17,000 pound, fifth-wheel.

    TDR: Have you ever entered the TDR calendar contest before:

    No, this is the first time to enter the TDR contest, though I am a long-time member.

    TDR: Long-time Cummins Turbo Diesel truck owner:
    RC: The first diesel truck I bought was a 1998 Dodge 4x4 diesel and this is the second Cummins Turbo Diesel I have owned.

    TDR: Do you have a name for your truck:
    My family calls my truck the Crop Duster.

    TDR: Other information you’d like to add:
    RC: The only thing I would share with you is my wife wants me to get a new truck, but this one is built and customized to what I need. I don’t want a new truck with all the bells and whistles, dings, dongs and flashing lights, warning lights, DEF fluid. I’m old school I guess. The only ding I get is if I leave the lights on…perfect!


    3G_RClouogh.jpg Ron Clough.jpg
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    1. bcbender
      Conrgats, Nice Truck, sometimes I miss my 04 (not the shifting tho) but not as much as I miss the Sierra Nevadas... My wife's family has a cabin in Pine Grove, and we used to live in Lodi, no real mountains or forest service roads to explore in NC... That is a great picture.
    2. RClough
      Thanks bcbender, Pine cove is really kind of a unique spot to have a cabin. I understand your thoughts on shifting but it kind of just happens as you drive
    3. Baja dog
      Baja dog
      Nice looking truck, 05 and sixes are still my favorite years. I can just see you rolling along at night on a lone Baja road with that dual light bar set up blinding every jackrabbit in sight. That rack has ol school written all over it !
    4. RClough
      Thanks Baja Dog. The light bars do help on empty dirt Baja roads. There must be a reason for your name, Baja Dog?

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