Jan 30, 2020 at 3:57 PM
  1. TDRAdmin4 Staff Member

    Hello TDR Members, here is a letter I received from Tim:

    Okay audience, if you have a 1,000,000-mile truck and would like to be featured on the web, contact Tim and set it up.

    Regards, TDR Robert

    TDRAdmin4 , Jan 30, 2020
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by TDRAdmin4, Jan 30, 2020.

    1. Tim Esterdahl
      Tim Esterdahl
      Thanks for posting this. Hit me up at -- email address removed --.
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    2. AUTOCAR
      Hello Tom, I'm only half way there! I enjoy you channel very much! keep up the great work.
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    3. Tim Esterdahl
      Tim Esterdahl
      Thanks! I have a lot of fun doing the videos. Let me know when you hit a million!
    4. HFolb23
      Cool topic, love seeing trucks make it to Class 8 mileage.

      One thought that came to my mind is that, at least in the 4th gen trucks, the odometer isn’t capable of displaying 1mil miles. The odometer stops registering miles at approximately 621k miles because when converted to kilometers that’s 1,000,000kms. The computer can’t display the 7th digit so it stops counting once it reaches its limit.

      What criteria do you need to confirm the mileage on the truck knowing the display isn’t capable of showing the million mils that you seek. Not doubting just curious really.
    5. Tim Esterdahl
      Tim Esterdahl
      I've had this question/thought come up a couple of times. In most cases, there is a dealer involved with records or, if I really didn't trust the person, I'd put in for a CarFax.

      Frankly, I've never really questioned the million mile truck owners. Why? Simple, flip your question around. Why would they lie? They would lie, or people tend to lie, for some sort of gain whether it is material or otherwise. The assumption then would be they are lying about the mileage for a material gain. I wonder what the material gain would be? A new truck? Hardly, I've done 5 of these trucks and only 2 got new trucks. Those aren't good odds of getting a new truck and think of the fuel expense to get miles on the truck. You'd have to be some kind of idiot to fake the mileage, devaluing your truck in hopes of a new truck.

      Also, you would have to show me the trip computer and the odometer. See, the odometer may stop at the 6th digit, but the trip meter still keeps going. You should have a stopped odometer, a trip meter with the miles on it or some other arrangement. For example, I did a 2007 Chevy where the owner had to have the odometer replaced once it hit a million since it wouldn't keep the miles for his needs. He is a commercial driver and needs the miles for e-log books.

      That's another thing - the legality of it. The million mile trucks I've done have all been commercial operations. So, you would have to both break the law about tampering with the odometer as well as violate the law on lying about mileage driven. Again, for what? Your name on my YouTube channel and a possible free truck. Besides, there are dozens of million mile trucks out there that never get the notoriety. Hope that answers your question!
    6. TDRadmin
      Tim, any TDR guys lined up to interview, yet?

      Come on guys...Your minutes of fame and fortune await!

    7. GAmes
      I'll be at 1.4 million in less than 10,000 miles, so it will happen this year. Not the original engine though.
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    8. Tim Esterdahl
      Tim Esterdahl
      Thanks for responding. What kind of mileage do you have on the new motor?
    9. GAmes
      Almost 450,000
    10. Tim Esterdahl
      Tim Esterdahl
      Interesting. So, you almost got a million on the first motor? Send me an email at -- email address removed --. I'm thinking of heading to Texas in March/April. Thanks.
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    11. TDRadmin
      Tim, GAmes would be THE best interview that you've done thus far. He is one of the "10 Best" (an article several issues back) contributors to the TDR's message boards and an all-around great guy.

      I hope you guys can get together.

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    12. GAmes
      We are planning a meet next month.
    13. HHhuntitall
      That should be very interesting, GAmes...... let us know when it airs.
    14. GAmes
      Disappointed to report the virus has claimed another casualty. The meet has been postponed until ?????????
    15. Bluebird
      Truck has 363K right now, a good start. Oil changed at 4500, use Shell Rotelli 15/40, + .75-quart of Locos, comments on that interval? The rest of the truck just keep 'er maintained still a 27-year old Dodge you know. Quality control at Dodge/Chrysler back in the day;) CTD :D excellent idea through the 21 century. Did someone say, "all electric 3/4 truck?" we'll see kids :p
      Blessings to all, Patrick. Watch out for the COVID 9 Kooties
    16. SquareDave
      My 2006 just turned over 260,000 miles. I'll have to get back with you on my 117th birthday.;)
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    17. Tim Esterdahl
      Tim Esterdahl
      Still on my agenda for sure. Stupid virus. If I could get to you, I would, but Texas looks like it is blowing up right now with cases. :(
    18. GAmes
      I'll be escaping to Oregon in a couple weeks. Hoping the pandemic eases up before we return.
    19. jpogue
      GAmes if you're in Southern Oregon check out Jacksonville. Nice old gold mining town. The whole town is a historical monument. I'll warn you though it's pretty hot down here right now. We're heading over to Gold Beach for a few days to escape the heat.

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