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    An article at The Truth About Cars reveals that the Cummins 5.0-liter diesel engine variant of the Nissan Titan will cease to be built by December 2019.

    "Far from being the first choice among full-size truck buyers, the Nissan Titan and Titan XD are at least earning attention from their builders — and the latest alteration will earn a chorus of boos from those who worship at the altar of all things Cummins.

    With a refreshed lineup on the way, Nissan has confirmed that the 5.0-liter diesel V8 available in the nearly-three-quarter-ton Titan XD will disappear by the end of the year."

    Here's a link to the complete TTAC article.

    But wait, there's more: Here is a quote from Automotive News, 8/5/19, and their report on Nissan's new product timeline.

    "Titan: The Titan full-size pickup will receive a freshening this year. The update will abandon the diesel variant."
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    TDRComm , Aug 6, 2019
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    1. DonFitzwater
      I'm not surprised. Given the time it has taken Nissan to sort out small programming glitches compounded with exhaust system failures, the writing was on the wall......................especially considering they cost what a real full size truck does (3/4 ton market). Nissan is horrible at admitting, identifying and implementing fixes for known problems.
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    2. dynodave
      I was on the midst of trying to decide what to buy in Oct of 2018. I was still riding my norton MC full time as my only vehicle. My 96 CD Ram was not behaving and I was not able to fix it due to health problems. I saw a pretty new CD titan at the electrical supply place and asked the owner of the truck. He expressed big disappointment especially with the fuel mileage.
      So I started in earnest to try and find a regular cab-8ft bed-2WD Ram to replace my 96 2500. Nothing in New England!
      Flew from Boston down to Kernersville NC to pick up my new (left over)17 Ram CD 3500. $36K work truck .
      I've never been much of a Toyota enthusiast anyway.
    3. Bug Out
      Bug Out
    4. Bug Out
      Bug Out
      Its too bad FCA won't grab the engine for its 1500 truck. After my debacle with the 2.4L Fiat engine in my wifes car, I'd never buy a eco-diesel.I would buy a 1500 with a Cummins .
    5. SnoKing
      I think a I-4 4.466L AKA 2/3 6.7 would sell better if balance to run smoothly.
    6. EricViviano
      They weren't selling, I have seen one, ever.
    7. RVTRKN
      They don't sell because you can buy a 2500 CTD nicely equiped for the same price. Thats why I didn't pull the trigger in 2016, just to damn expensive for the capability you get.
    8. LorenStrodtman
      I have seen lots of them between Oklahoma and Minnesota as I travel I-35. Never took the time to talk to anyone about whether they like their truck as I find them fairly ugly.
    9. Benito
      I agree. I did one of the Nissan rest Drive events when it launched- the engine was good but the truck was mediocre at best. The window sticker on the one I drove was $64K- My 2500 Laramie loaded with everything I could get in 2014 had a window sticker of $65k- I was able to get it for $54k. Seemed silly to spend more for a 1/2 ton
    10. Deleted member 995608
      Deleted member 995608
      I've seen maybe 5 Nummins on the road. Price point killed that combination for Nissan.........that, and its a Nissan.
    11. RVTRKN
      I remember when Dodge Ram was struggling, it was the CTD that turned it around. It could have been the same for Nissan, but their marketing and pricing got greedy, if you ask me.
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    12. Ozymandias
      And it is still a Nissan even if it is built in the US.

      I remember when i once arrived at LAX and wanted to pick up my rental Tahoe, they guy at the counter said sorry no one around, want a Ford Expedition or a Toyota Sequoia.
      I looked straight at him and said " I'm in America, i want an American Car, gimme that Ford!" - and that guy was smiling at me, and said GOOD decision Sir!

      So, no Nissans or other rice burner.
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    13. Deleted member 995608
      Deleted member 995608
      After seeing the performance for Nissan, I'm glad the Ram 1500 didn't get the 5.0

      Needs better fuel economy and factory exhaust brake to get my attention
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    14. huwenfut
      Priced one a couple years ago. 70 grand for a fully loaded one. Too rich for my blood. Could of got a nice ram for that amount. No thanks.
    15. Mark Sterling
      Mark Sterling
      I took the plunge and purchased the 2016 Titan PR with the 5.0 Cummins mostly based on the Dealer sale price and the Cummins Tag. Have felt since purchase I should have waited. I complained to dealer about the rough shifting was told it was suppose to do that a week after purchase. at 15000 miles the turbo went out.. at 16000 a fuel line came loose and left me stranded in 100 degree weather on side of highway on a holiday when I was trying to merge into traffic and lost all power.. Have read since then of the Titan with the 5.0 has a history of ending up as a smoking hole in the ground. I associate that with a fuel line coming loose like mine did. If I would have had that happen in different circumstances such as Grandkids in truck in the middle of the desert and out of cell phone range and the leaking and gushing fuel pouring over the engine and igniting what a difference that would have made so I count my blessings there. Just wish Nissan and Cummins would buy my truck at my cost back from me.
    16. NIsaacs
      I read just read a new article on the Nissan and the 5.0. Sounds like Cummins did or will quit making them.
    17. LorenStrodtman
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    18. TFucili

      Company officials said that the quiet, compact ISV 5.0L V8 diesel will provide customers with the lowest acquisition price of all Blue Bird diesel models.

      That about sums it up.
    19. NIsaacs
      You guys are posting old news, Lol Here is a current story:

      In part:

      “Nissan has been a terrific partner,” Cummins wrote in a statement. “We believe the engine was a terrific product, but unfortunately sales have not met expectations for both Nissan and Cummins so the decision was made to end production of this engine in 2019. We will continue to offer support to existing customers.”
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