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    Congratulations to Robert Schwarzli, the October TDR calendar contest winner, and rescuer of First Generation Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel trucks.

    Ontario TDR Chapter president, TDR writer, renown Mopar aficionado and absolute First Generation Dodge Ram guru (and do we need to mention, grease monkey?), Robert Schwarzli likely needs no introduction to many of you. He’s been a TDR member since 2002 when he bought his first Cummins, a 1990 W250. Since then, he’s owned somewhere between 90-100 Ram diesels. He said he has lost count!

    One of 13 winners of the 2022 TDR calendar contest, his stunning photo graces the TDR calendar for the month of October. We asked Robert some questions about this truck and we think you’ll enjoy reading his answers.

    Turbo Diesel Register: Where was the photo taken?
    Robert Schwazli: It was taken in a farm field on Halloween last year. It just felt fitting!

    TDR: Tell us about this truck
    RS: The truck in the October calendar photo is a 1993 Dodge D350 2WD. It has 95,000 km/59,000 miles on the odometer. At this time it’s 100% stock! Literally, stock down to everything including the oil filter!

    What is the most unusual thing you’ve ever trailered with it?
    RS: How about 15 other First Generation Dodge Ram trucks.

    TDR: What is the heaviest thing you’ve trailered with it?
    RS: It once pulled 34,000 pounds when my father borrowed it to move some gravel and when he got the final weight….yeah, not good.

    TDR: Do you or does your family have a name for your truck?
    RS: Currently referred to as "the dually" but that is misleading since I have a few (lol).

    TDR: Is there any other information you’d like to share about the truck?
    RS: The truck was purchased in February 2020 just as the world learned the word “Covid”. I bought it from the original (individual) owner. The truck became my Covid-project and received 300 hours of clean up and repairs. The paint alone got 45 hours of polishing! Other cool information: The truck was originally purchased by The Shriners of Ontario in 1993 to haul the Shriner go-carts to all of the Santa Claus parades all over Ontario (and even the US) from 1993-2018! It went as far as Salt Lake City pulling a massive trailer. Sadly, no one kept on top of the maintenance and by 2020 it was suffering from neglect, so was sold. This is the reason the mileage is so low. It was only used for 1 month a year. Now in my hands, it has been returned to its former glory.

    **UPDATE** Robert has been very busy these past many months since this was first written: he recently let us know that this truck is in fact now no longer stock as originally described. As he said, the “short story” on the changes is as follows:
    518 auto came out, NV5600 went in.
    Dana 70 3.54 came out, Dana 80 with special 3.31 highway gear went in.
    Power has doubled.
    Factory 16” steel wheels changed to 17” aluminum.
    Smaller upgrades like Pacbrake PRXB exhaust brake, HX35 turbo, intake, 4” MBRP exhaust.
    Now it can tow 18,000-pounds without dropping to 35 mph on hills (!). Also, that before the upgrades, towing with this truck was not fun.
    Bottom photo shown is the “After-Modifications” photo.

    Robert, congratulations and thank you for being a dedicated
    and respected member of the Turbo Diesel Register community!

    1G_Robert-Schwarzli7.jpg Schwarzli-at-the-wheel.jpg 1G_Robert-Schwarzli3.jpg Swarzlis-truck-AFTER-restos.jpg
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