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    COLUMBUS, INDIANA, JUNE 12-15, 2019

    Hello All,​

    As you know, it has been six years since our last big national rally. We are trying to make this our "best ever" event. Your input (75% of the responses) tells us to make a change to the schedule. On the day of the Indianapolis Motorsports Tour we've added a Poker run option if you don't want to go drag racing. Details are in the event write-up.

    We are urging you to sign up NOW as the TDR invitation exclusive will expire in May.

    The event will sell-out.

    Don't be without a ticket.

    The Fine Print

    The Cummins Columbus Mid-Range Engine Plant (CMEP) in Columbus, Indiana, will host an open house for TDR members this June.

    The CMEP open house and plant tour will be very similar to the first gathering we had at CMEP way back in 1995. Believe it or not, by the time the dust had settled, we had almost 200 trucks drive to Columbus to attend the first-ever rally.

    Subsequently, we planned big national-type events with CMEP as the focal point, and we were back in Columbus in 1999 and 2002. Those national events (think prom night in scope and planning) saw 342 and 365 trucks.

    If you’ve not been to Cummins CMEP before, I can promise you that you’ll not find a cleaner and more organized manufacturing facility staffed with employees who are the most gracious of hosts. For fun and related reading, TDR Issue 82, pages 111-119 gives you a look at the plant back in 2013.

    As an added attraction, the folks at Ram are busy with plans to bring 2019 trucks down for a Ride-n-Drive that will make for a memorable day.

    Oh, did I mention that we will ask you to show off your trucks to the CMEP employees during our lunch break? Did I mention that factory engineers will be providing a look at current and future products at seminars during the non-plant tour, non-ride and drive time periods? Did I mention the group picture? Did I mention the Turbo Diesel parade? Did I mention individual truck photographs in front of Cummins corporate offices? Did I mention...Yes, we are busy planning a really big show for you!

    As a part of the event planning process, Cummins and I have noted that 400 trucks (that’s 800 people—the numbers always work out that way) would be the limit. We also noted that the group size has to be managed and, thus, there is a second day of events, the Indianapolis Motorsports Tour. So, depending on the luck of the draw, one day you’ll be at the plant and the other day you’ll be on the Motorsports Tour.

    Event Update

    For your day at CMEP your group will be split for an AM or PM tour. The other part of the day (AM or PM) the Ram folks will have a presentation on the new 2019 Turbo Diesels and you’ll have a chance to participate in a Ram ride-n-drive. This schedule is firm.

    For your day on the Indianapolis Motorsports Tour, the plan was a trip to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum (AM or PM). The other part of the day (AM or PM) was a chance to learn to bracket race at Indianapolis Raceway Park. Based on your input, this schedule has been modified.

    During the time block for the drag racing at IRP we now have an option for you. (Wait, I like drag racing...) We’ve put together a leisurely Poker Run with stops at significant historic locations in Columbus mixed with a local winery and brew pub stop. So far 3/4 of the audience likes the Poker Run idea. (I still like drag racing!)

    So, the schedule is flexible. We want this to be a great event.

    Logistics, Please

    For those with a camper or trailer, Cummins Employees Recreational Association’s RV Park (CERAland) will be the key gathering location for overnight lodging.

    You’ll not find a better place to stay than CERAland; just ask a TDR old-timer from the ’99, ’02, ’11, or ’13 events. We have reserved 250 spaces at CERAland (a mix of full and water/electric hook-ups) for your RV/fifth-wheel. The full hook-ups are $35, electric/water only are $30. For reservations you can give us a call at (770) 886-8877. Ask for Tina Pardue.

    The Sleep Inn & Suites is a viable alternative. Their phone number is (812) 372-7200. Mention “TDR” for room block availability. The room block expires May 1. Prices start at $89 per night.

    We also have a room block at the Fairfield Inn. Their phone number is (812) 552-5333. Mention “TDR” for room block availability. The room block expires May 1. Prices start at $129 per night.

    Wednesday June 12 – Registration begins in the afternoon

    Thursday June 13 – Indianapolis Motorsports Tour, Ram Ride-n-Drive or CMEP Tour

    Friday, June 14 – CMEP Plant Tour, Ram Ride-n-Drive or IMS Tour

    Saturday, June 15 – Show-n-Shine at CERAland

    Sunday, June 16 – Depart for home

    So we’ve got you covered for three days (June 12-15) of solid activities and entertainment. Did I mention that the camaraderie of Turbo Diesel owners is reason enough to attend?

    Again, it looks like 400 trucks will be the limit for the event. After all, that’s 800 people and the logistics of a plant tour for that many folks is the reason we’re asking you to sign up early! (Please help us out in this regard. It is tough to plan these events.)

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Discussion in 'Articles' started by TDRComm, Apr 8, 2019.

    1. Jim W
      Jim W
      Do we get to pick what day we would like to tour CMEP?
    2. JR
      What is the (approximate) time frame of the events Thursday and Friday? We were planning on bringing our lab along with us - but wondering if this is a bad idea if we are going to be gone for the entire day.
    3. TDRGuy
      Special request are doable in advance.
      If not already signed-up, do so now and just let Tina know what you need. 770-886-8877
    4. TDRGuy
      The dog is staying at your trailer? Is the trailer at CERAland?

      Columbus is a small town and there is time at lunch to run across town and check-in with the animals.

      Call Tina at 770-886-8877 and let her know what you need. Special request are doable in advance.

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    5. JR
      Sorry, yes. We have reservations at Ceraland. Our lab is well trained and stays in all night with no problems. I just wasn't sure how long we would be away from the campground but it sounds like it won't be an issue if we can come back mid way through to let him out.
    6. TDRGuy
      Looks like you are good to go. See you there!
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    7. Dan_69GTX
      So Excited, So Excited, So Excited, So Excited, So Excited, So Excited!!!!!
    8. TDRGuy
      Thanks, Dan.

      It will be a fun event.
      Please urge others to sign up NOW while the TDR has an exclusive invitation and while there is still room at CERA land.

    9. JR
      Last edited: Apr 25, 2019
    10. TDRGuy
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    11. WalterJ
      We're arriving Ceraland for glamping Wed.; is that where we'll register & get the weekend pkg itinerary, etc?
    12. TDRGuy
      Yes, registration starts at 1:00pm, Wednesday, at CERAland. We will be at the Sports Complex, just to the right after you enter the front gate. You can't miss us.

    13. Dan_69GTX
      We had a blast! Thank you so much to all who put in so much time to make this such a wonderful event! I’m sure I can’t even imagine the amount of time that was spent., Well I can sort of, I helped to do something similar many years ago, but not to this scale. I was amazed at how many people I did know at this event. Folks from other car clubs I either do belong to, or once did.
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