Jan 27, 2022 at 5:00 AM
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    Looking at the calendar, the staff was writing for a magazine that is distributed in February, the middle month of winter. I noted that the audience will need some inspiration to look past February’s cold, short days.

    So, the assignment was to show and/or tell about something you may have done to inspire others to work on their Turbo Diesel truck or move forward on an automotive related project.

    As is the usual, some took the assignment to heart and some, like me, just rambled-on. Regardless, I think we have a good mix of topics for you in this issue.

    Looking inside you’ll find:
    • Backfire. The editor was wrong, wrong and wrong. Three strikes and you’re out?
    • Your Story. Wow, there is discussion on the theme of “inspiration.”
    • Generations. As always, Greg Whale tries to capture the best problem/solution correspondence from our website.
    • Have Ram, Will Travel. More on the 6.7-liter turbocharger actuator replacement.
    • Back in the Saddle. EcoDiesel transmission filter maintenance.
    • Long Haul. 2021 SEMA report.
    • Rest of the Story. Grid heater relay and DEF pump discussion.
    • TDRV. Trailer camera options for your truck.
    I’m hopeful you’ll enjoy Issue 115 of the TDR. As always, thank you for your support.

    Robert Patton
    TDR Staff
    TDRComm , Jan 27, 2022


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