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    Coincidence Happens?

    And so it was with Issue 116. I started my “10 Back” article and noted that Issue 76 had 6 pages where TDR oil guru, John Martin, evaluated CJ-specification lube oils. At the same time, there was a letter from a TDR member asking when we were going to evaluate the “CK” specification. yes, coincidence happens.

    Really, more lube oil, haven’t we beat-on this subject too much?

    Begrudgingly, I called John and asked if he would analyze the data if I spent the money for the oil and test kits.

    Begrudgingly, he responded, “yes.”

    So, our Issue 116 will have 8 pages on the CK oils. Hand-in-hand with John’s evaluation, I asked the writers to share their thoughts /recommendations. The different opinions will make for informative and entertaining reading.

    What else is in Issue 116?

    As mentioned, each writer was asked to share their recommendations on lube oil. Will any of the conclusions put forth in this magazine match your conclusion?
    • Backfire: Issue 103 and 115 look the same in my TDR library. What’s up with that?
    • Your Story: TDR Writer Tracy Martin looks at 100+ years of automotive lighting development.
    • Generations: As always Greg Whale tries to capture the best problems/solutions correspondence from our website.
    • 10 Back: Wow, it takes me seven pages to summarize Issue 76, a two-page reprint and a new 13-page entry into the TDR’s Perfect Collection book to capture the “good stuff” in Issue 76. Check it out!
    • Technical Topics: Here we go again, a lube oil evaluation. Wait… Our latest report is a follow-up to the Issue 76 report. Got it.
    • TDReview: Options of “dubious necessity,” what is the editor evaluating in this three-page report?
    • BITW: The top 10 of what? Perhaps there are too many “top 10” categories.
    • Joe Donnelly and Stan Gozzi take a look at the Ram Active Air intake system.
    • James Langan and Moses Ludel share their experiences with lube oil and lube oil filtration.

    I’m hopeful you’ll enjoy Issue 116 of the TDR.
    As always, thank you for your support.

    Robert Patton
    TDR Staff
    TDRComm , Apr 21, 2022
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