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    This week on the TDR we’re back to the editor’s Best of 2023 article list.

    From TDR Issue #121 is Dr. Mark Barnes’ article on the importance of Clearances, Maintenance and Play with our vehicles - and his insightful analogies to the importance of these key factors to the quality of our physical and mental health, our relationships, and ultimately, to the very quality of our lives.

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    THE EDITOR'S TOP TEN (eleven!) LIST:

    “Reflections at 100K Miles/10 Years” – by James Langan, Issue 122, pages 76-83
    “Jack and Jim Drive the Tesla Model Y” – by Jack Baruth/Jim Pantas, Issue 122, pages 104-110
    “2023 Accessory Update” – by Robert Patton, Issue 122, pages 12-21
    “Adjust the Bands” – by Moses Ludel, Issue 121
    “Faster, Higher, Farther” - First Review Issue 120/ Second Review/121 – both by Robert Patton

    “Clearances” – by Mark Barnes, Issue 121, pages 56-58
    HERE to Read--

    “BITW – Lots of Big Picture News” – by Robert Patton, Issue 120, pages 42-51
    “Shopping for Batteries” – by James Langan, Issue 120, pages 86-91
    “Biodiesel (By Any Other Name)” – by John Martin, Issue 120, pages 96-99
    “Cooling System Maintenance” – by Moses Ludel, Issue 119, pages 94-100
    “SEMA Performance Parts Update” – by Robert Patton, Issue 119, pages 18-21

    Mark Barnes is a moto/automotive journalist, who also happens to be a clinical psychologist with a private practice for the past 32 years. As a regular writer for the Turbo Diesel Register, and a fellow “motorhead”, Mark brings his unique and perceptive views of the way our minds tend to work in relation to our trucks, machines, garages, tools and yes, our relationships. Mark is the author of Why We Ride – A Psychologist Explains the Motorcyclist’s Mind and the Relationship Between Rider, Bike and Road.

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