“They grew up poor in Niles, Michigan. Red-heads. Stout guys; reputedly pretty good in a bar fight. And close—about as close as brothers can be, John and Horace Dodge.”

And so Bill Millard begins his chapter on the history of the Dodge brothers in the Turbo Diesel Register’s Dodge/Cummins Historical Perspective book. His concise history of the Dodge Brothers and their rise into the developing automotive industry will keep your attention, and very possibly, teach you a...
Take a look at TDR member Weldon Sheard’s 2015 Ram Laramie Longhorn 3500 DRW Cummins Turbo Diesel. His truck is gracing the cover of Issue 124. The cover photo selected was taken at the Durango and Silverton Narrow gauge Railroad in Silverton, Colorado.

Weldon has been a TDR member for 20 years and we’re thrilled to have his truck featured on the cover for this issue! His truck only has 107,800 miles on the odometer and he’s kept it mostly stock save for a...
Keep a watchful eye for TDR #124 to be delivered to your mailbox within the next week or so.

Inside the magazine, what will you find?

To start, I was at a social gathering and the investment guy was talking about how great his collectable cars had appreciated. Me, the car guy, told him how nicely my company-matched investments had done.

We compared notes. You’ll have to check out pages 13-17, “Ready to Travel” for insight into our automotive and stock market discussion.

And you thought...
This week on the TDR we’re back to the editor’s Best of 2023 article list.

From TDR Issue #121 is Dr. Mark Barnes’ article on the importance of Clearances, Maintenance and Play with our vehicles - and his insightful analogies to the importance of these key factors to the quality of our physical and mental health, our relationships, and ultimately, to the very quality of our lives.

Below we invite you to read this free “sample” article from the TDR (and perhaps be inspired to...
QUESTION: Why is the diesel engine more fuel efficient than a gasoline engine?

Just the other day a customer was having a conversation with one of the Geno’s Garage technical staff. The topic was the better fuel economy of the diesel engine over the gasoline engine, and the subtle mechanical differences in engine architecture.


The customer was correct in noting these differences:
  • Diesels are “heat engines”, they’re designed to be more...
“On the road again
Goin' places that I've never been

Seein' things that I may never see again
I can't wait to get on the road again"
- Willie Nelson

Springtime is here, and we’ve got some travel suggestions.

Introducing Ready to Travel, the latest publication from the Turbo Diesel Register. Ready To Travel is a “Best of the Best” compilation of travel adventures by TDR writers over the past 30...

Cleaning up my desk, I found an article from Autoweek stashed away in my file-folder archives.

The title was “10 Diesel Cars That Time Forgot.”

Looking at the April 2021 dateline on the article, it is obvious that I also “forgot.”

The article printed out as 19 pages. I’m going to shorten the text to several paragraphs. See if your memory is better than mine and author Jay Ramey’s. How many of...
Hello to all. Here is an excerpt from a recent LinkedIn post by Jay Stephenson from Atmus Filtration Technologies (Fleetguard):

“We’ve seen a surge in counterfeit Fleetguard filters over the last year, and unfortunately some vehicle and equipment owners are getting burned. This is a PSA for anyone out there considering purchasing their filters through online retailers like Amazon or eBay…buyer beware. You could be getting legitimate product, but there’s no good way to verify until after...

Trivia: Of all of the TDR's front page news articles posted, can you recall the headline with the most views?

I did the research and HERE is the link to “Video – Cummins First Diesel Engine in Operation”. From the archives, 8/22/2018 we get to see the...